The majority of our greatest inventions have come from observing and duplicating Nature.

For instance,the shape of all airplane wings come directly from the shape of a birds wing! The leading edge is rounded. Air flows over the top edge faster then the bottom edge. Creating a lower pressure on top,which in turn creates lift…..flight!

Eagles are masters of flight!

21 thoughts on “CONTRAST

  1. There’s something symbolic and yet humorous that the Eagle looks so much larger than the jet. As though nature is putting man in his place? Really unique photo.

    1. Thank you Babsje, It’s a personal game I play with the eagle/jet.
      The Jet is point A,while the Eagle is point B. Drawing a line through them will give me point C and of course the challenge in this geometric puzzle is the point A is in a state of movement. An added variable!
      So I was calculating where to place my boat? Very tricky stuff.

    1. That is interesting isn’t it! It takes Baldies many months to get the hang of it. Good luck to these scientists in perfecting it!
      They have already perfected that walking dog machine…..that so many people find disturbing.

      1. I thought so too Wayne – it looks a little like a dove doesn’t it. That walking dog machine is quite intricate and a lot of brains behind it … it looks like something George Jetson might own.

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