23 thoughts on “A SUNSET ROMEO

    1. who doesn’t love a great sunset! I actually met a photographer who did! She rejected them outright because everybody loved them and she wanted to do something different. Which I did not find appealing to be honest.

  1. What a great action series Wayne. The bottom shot seems to show Romeo kissing the water with his wing tip! Lovely sunset shoot.

    1. Thanks Babsje,that bottom shot is a fluke. Romeo came around my right catching me off guard! So I had zero time to compose and literally held the camera out at arms length to shoot! I was surprised It worked! My composition is off however. The bottom of that shot is the bottom of the original shot.

  2. I love watching birds fish as it highlights their strengths and skills. I’m always amazed how they are able to strike the water, grasp their meal, and resume flight with wriggling fish.

    1. I would hazard a guess…….millions of years of ancestral DNA?
      Me too Beth,I always take a “treat” out with me on a photo shoot. I find a quiet bay,shut the engine off and just listen. I can hear this Crow over here chatting with another Crow not far away. All the animals have a community and the best we can do is visit. We use to be part of that community but that was many moon ago!

  3. Romeo sure dazzles in these shots Wayne. The silhouettes are stunning and seeing the sun on the water, I’m reminded of that song from “The Sound of Music” and the line “ray a drop of golden sun”.

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