The Daredevil’s new nest is up much higher then the last one. So when he comes down he is coming in at high speed! He has to slow down so he turns his wings on a angle and drops his legs to increase the surface area!

I was very happy to see that Delilah actually flew over to be with me! I think she’s getting use to me! It’s only taken 1 1/2 years.

I went looking for bears tonight but I couldn’t find a single furry butt anywhere? I originally went out because the cloud structure looked great but by the time sunset came around those beautiful clouds had gone bye bye.

So I was skunked on two fronts tonight but my feathered friends once again saved my non-furry butt!

31 thoughts on “SCREAMING IN

    1. for eagles,yes….everything else…not so much. Not finding any bears was more worrying then anything else. There should of been some out,but not seeing a single one concerns me.

  1. Look how his face in the middle photo shows how hard he is concentrating! His beak is slightly open and eye sharply focused and I can almost imagine his brow is furrowed in effort as his legs strain. Birds coming in for those steep landings must be where airplane engineers originally came up with VTOL vertical-take-off-and-landing designs. Striking photos and happy to hear that Delilah is warming up to you!

  2. I just read the other day that eagles dive down at 100 mph … I believe that when I see these pictures of the Daredevil, who is a force to be reckoned with.

  3. What a wonderful friendship you have, Wayne! Congratulations, and thank you for the news from your paradise. I hope you are well, and enjoy a wonderful week! Sorry, i am once again late in re-visiting. Here we are awaiting the first vaccination, since some month. Sometimes its really horrible. Be well, stay save! Michael

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