42 thoughts on “ROMEO’S ACROBATICS

  1. Great work being able to anticipate his gymnastic twists and turns like that. Your reflexes have to be perfectly in synch with his! Wow.

  2. Romeo was taking to the sky like a sky diver and you were on the receiving end of his acrobatics. I was walking home from the Park recently and saw a guy who was “paramotoring” – it looked like he was paragliding only he had a motor. He took off from a soccer field at Council Point Park and went all through the neighborhoods, dipping way too close to the houses, trees and power lines … he was enjoying the ride like Romeo.

      1. I should have taken a picture of it. I just Googled paragliding with a motor and will send the link separately in case it goes to SPAM. This looks just like what the person had – even the lime green color.

      2. I was surprised to hear that the FAA doesn’t regulate or license this sport! The instructor did say that that they are not to fly over buildings or people which the guy you saw did. A few will have to die and then rules will be brought in. It’s called tombstone legislation!

      3. I like that “tombstone legislation” … a few months ago on the Facebook neighborhood forum someone took a photo of the same guy (assuming it’s a guy) with the green gizmo. It was not a clear photo but he said “look at this up in the sky by my house!” Never saw it mentioned again … another walker at the Park asked me if I saw it as she saw him taking off in a soccer field … I said I saw him when aloft. If I see him again I’ll take a photo.

      4. He’s not suppose to but but there are no regulatory officials overlooking this sport! It’ll take a few deaths for government officials to draft up some regulations! It’s always the bad apples that spoil it for everybody!

    1. Eagles are very agile creatures and full of tricks!
      To escape another eagle (because it has food) It will fly into the thick forest! They already know of secret passage ways through the forest that the chasing eagle does not know! The chasing eagle will most likely give up or crash into a tree.

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