Romeo flew in front of the setting sun a few times tonight. I love when he does that and I know exactly when he’s going to do it! That’s the advantage I have over other wildlife photographers……I know the animal and it knows me,and that is worth it’s weight in Gold!

46 thoughts on “ROMEO ECLIPSING

  1. These are gorgeous silhouettes and very clever post title. The word choice “eclipsing” is spot-on. It is also like Romeo is photo-bombing the sun! Best, Babsje

      1. that would best be described as “10% of something is better than 100% of nothing”.
        I have a 25% for good shots. So If I take 200 shots I usually end up with about 50 good shots.
        Better too many then too few.

      2. 1/4 of my shots are usually cherries.
        For such a unpredictable and unforgivable subject matter that is a high percentage.
        A studio photographer would have a much higher percentage. Controlled environment.

    1. Thank you Sabine!
      I pick and choose which evenings I go out. I watch the satellite feed during the day so I have a fairly good idea of what the clouds will be doing but that’s not always a guarantee.
      It’s kind of like a cook…..I try to only use the best ingredients!

  2. Your experience and knowledge of these beautiful birds shows in your photography. You have the most unique photos and amazing shots Wayne. I love seeing them.

  3. These are beautiful shots Wayne … Romeo is a perfect silhouette by the sun’s rays. You are lucky to interact with him so much to anticipate when he will glide in front of the sun to capture those images.

      1. Hey, this is Canada! ;-) Fast, reliable and with the “one-shot-vaccine”. Moderna seems to be sold out here. Actually there is neither Astrazeneca nor BioNTech/ Pfizer on stock. ;-/ xx

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