I was surprised to find that The Daredevil/Delilah had built a new nest on another island! About the only reason why that happens is because the old nest fell down. Probably during a windstorm?

The good news is that If it did fall down It didn’t happen while they were nesting! I saw the Daredevil take a fish up to the nest. Which means he has hungry mouths to feed! I could just barley see where the nest is.

He seemed very animated and very active! He hasn’t had eaglets for several years,so he must be excited!

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      1. We’ve been keeping an eye on a couple of eagle cams and one of them, in Big Bear, California, is trying for the third (!!!) clutch. They are a comical pair and I hope they too can get some little eaglets to hatch. You are so lucky to be living right in the middle of all this natural wonder! :)

      2. third clutch? Did the other two not survive? Why are the eagles trying for a third clutch?
        There is some luck to where I am for sure but remember that I gave up my career as a Geologist to be able to live here. I gave up all of that guaranteeing me to remain a poor man financially but very very rich from living my life so well!

      3. The first clutch didn’t hatch when there was a surprise cold snap, the second fell prey to a hungry raven and now they’re bringing more sticks and material to the nest every day. I hope they succeed this time. You should check it out, they are quite different from other eagles in their interaction with each other and how they haggle over how to arrange the sticks. Do you know why they use all those sticks? Is it to keep the eaglets from going off the edge before they are ready?

      4. A eagles nest starts out small but will grow with each coming year (if it has room to expand,If the spot cannot warrant that the nest will stay the same. Some nests are inherited and can become very large!
        I found this description of some large nests……….A breeding pair in Ohio used the same nest for 34 years, and it grew to an incredible 12 feet tall and 9 feet around. Another nest, found in St. Petersburg, Fla., had a diameter of 9.5 feet and height of 20 feet. As of 2012, eagles’ nest all over the United States are the subject of live camera feeds, and America’s fascination with these birds and their nests has never been keener!

        So those sticks act like 2X4’s in our buildings! Remember the larger the nest the better it is structurally to withstand a huge windstorm! A nest’s mortal enemy!

  1. Wonderful news! Good to hear there will be another generation of Daredevils in the world. You certainly got some amazing pictures of the proud papa.

  2. Oh wow what an action sequence! The lighting on the lead photo that highlights the underside of his flight feathers is outstanding. What a capture by you and camera and what a capture of fish by Daredevil. Excellent timing in the image with legs and talons extended to the right and you can feel his wings opposite working to correct his position. And notice the slightly overlapping feet and talons as they grip the fish. I have seen ospreys grab fish exactly like that. Very glad to read that the new nest seems to be a success. I wonder – one thing Osprey do is one bird remains on the nest and the mate fishes for both of them. You will see the mate take half a fish to feed his partner at the nest. Do Eagles do that? Anyway, outstanding post. So glad you had a successful outing. Best, Babsje

    1. Thank you Babsje! Lighting is almost as important as subject for me!
      Yes,eagles do tag team. One goes hunting and feeds the other. Like going out to get pizza and bringing it back!

      1. Lovely lighting Wayne and fun analogy. The Eagles must like fishy anchovies on their pizza. I find it endearing when a mated pair takes turns to nurture the nesting partner. Great Blue Herons take turns and it’s exciting to watch the changing of the guard, when they trade off. If there are hatchings in the nest. you can sometimes see both mother and father on the nest with their babies. Best, Babsje

    1. He does like to invert when he’s up high! His partner Delilah would do a complete 360 roll like a plane prop!
      I see joy from animals each time I go out! It is very special!

  3. Hi Wayne, It’s been a Long time since we last were in contact. Christine and I hope all is well with you – your pictures are a confirmation that you must be in good condition. I follow your blog and which I could be back with you and get some pictures. Picture number two is one of the best I have seen of all your pictures of the eagles. Take care and stay healthy Best regards Erik

    On Sat, May 8, 2021 at 8:24 PM Tofino Photography wrote:

    > Tofino Photography posted: ” I was surprised to find that The > Daredevil/Delilah had built a new nest on another island! About the only > reason why that happens is because the old nest fell down. Probably during > a windstorm? The good news is that If it did fall ” >

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