42 thoughts on “ROMEO

      1. You’re welcome, Wayne. Your wildlife friends’ photos and commentary are so often captivating. Best, Babsje

  1. How wonderful Wayne, I have missed seeing the eagles this past winter. I am in a new location now and have not found where they are located here. I did throw some chicken scraps out for the Ravens awhile ago and I actually had that one eagle perched in a tree near by, but the ravens kept an eye on him.

    1. You moved? Well,you’ll become familiar with your surroundings soon enough I imagine.
      Yes,the Ravens keep a eye on eagles this time of year even more so because eagles will raid their nests and the Ravens will raid the Crows nests. They each say it’ll help keep their numbers down and in check locally.

      1. I am in the north country still, I have been up here a year now. Last winter was my first winter here, that is when I would see all the eagles on the Mississippi river was in the winter. I was watching the ravens yesterday, I had put some scraps out and I noticed something unusual. The biggest raven, which I believe is the male from the feathers on his chest. He would land close to the food, and he kept hopping over the food, then he reached one foot out and touched the food with it and hopped again. He did this a few times. You suppose they are checking to see if it is alive and going to move? So interesting to watch. It was pieces of chicken.

      2. Maybe……I’m only guessing but it sounds like he has been tricked by someone who put out traps? What were the scraps?
        Yes,the male has extra chest feathers.

      3. I think what is going on is that the Raven’s are not familiar with food appearing in that manner. Anything out of the normal they are apprehensive about! If you did this on a regular basis in the same spot,they would be just fine with it I bet!

      4. I will keep putting it in the same spot and see how they react. There is usually just the one who comes in first, he is the biggest one of the group. He flies off with a piece and 2 other smaller ones follow him. I see him fly over that spot daily like he is just checking for a snack..

      5. You being the ever sharp eyed photographer and always watchful for new opportunities should place a trail camera in this spot as well! The Raven’s will get use to it and you’ll be able to watch them closer!

      6. We think a like Wayne. I got a different trail cam with a solar charger. Now I can leave it out there and not hang the batteries so much..

      7. Yes, we try to do solar for all these type of things. My other camera only lasted 3 days and I would have to change the batteries, that is to expensive. Solar would work for you to probably. I have used the camera a couple times and it is pretty good. I will be hooking it up to the solar this weekend back in the woods where I saw the bear come out of last fall.

      8. Yes, that would get stolen right away I am sure. I wasn’t sure if your were in a secluded spot. Your pictures look like you are out in the middle of no where, where there might not be any other people.

      9. Yes,normally that is the case but I suspect because of Covid more and more people are boating back into the more remote spots to get away?
        I won’t be setting up a station in this spot again. The Trumpeters chose it,so I was forced to set up there.

  2. Not just one eagle, but a pair … you should feel honored by the welcoming committee. No eaglets or they are old enough to leave behind to do a fly by and say “hi” to you?

      1. I was surprised how big they got! It seemed like just a few weeks ago, they were fuzzy little fellows. And the size of those feet! And making the whimpering little noises like she couldn’t feed it fast enough! Impatient!

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