I found two bears tonight. This was the first one. A older male. Unfortunately he was a 100 meters feet from shore. Tide was coming up, no chance of getting stuck,so I tied the boat up and walked around. The trick to doing this is to hold the camera right up to your face whiling look down (and at the bear) so you don’t step on anything that would make noise! You can only move when the bear isn’t looking at you. If it see’s you moving it might get spooked and take off?

Then as your approaching If he looks at you, stop and shoot. I watch for tell tale signs that the bear is getting nervous……the ears. This guy seemed fine with me hanging around but had a grumpy look on his face. See how the forehead muscles are drawn tight. First sign of a bear feeling uncomfortable. I got a few shots of grumpy and left.

46 thoughts on “GRUMPY

    1. Because I was walking on land I’m always careful. This bear was use to nobody being around it and when he saw me he must of said “Who are you and What are you doing”?

  1. What a wonderful one. Thank you for sharing, Wayne! Honestly, i would run as fast as possible, even this one is looking very calm, and handsome. Have a nice rest of the weekend, and stay well. Michael

    1. Bears are like dogs,you know which ones you can approach after awhile. They cannot talk so they use their body language. This guy was saying “Go away and leave me alone”…..which I did!

      1. no,any dog that isn’t wagging it’s tail is apprehensive about you coming close. It could be scared by you approaching and might bite you.
        A wagging tail is telling you “I am friendly,you can approach”.

      2. Thank you for the explaination, Wayne! Honestly in the past i had not really have much contact to dogs. Only to cats, scratching without previous warnings. ;-) xx

  2. Wayne, thats how I approach birds when I take pictures. Camera against the face and looking down to avoid making noise or trip over something. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to try it with a bear, but of course I’m not familiar with bears up close. Great shot!

      1. Yes,some wildlife photographers wear a mosquito mask so the animal cannot see the two eyes,nose and mouth. Once they see that they automatically know your a animal!
        I use my camera to block their view with bears who do not know me,but If they know me there is no need.

  3. Enjoyed your photographs here, Wayne, and delighted to see you getting out there! I still haven’t seen any bears myself around Hitacu – they’re there, but my timing must be off!

  4. I will remember your trick, that’s for sure! On Sunday I saw two pheasant hens about twenty meters peacefully picking on a glade in the deep wood. I sneaked nearer, and nearer, watching the two birds permanently – and then trotted on a little dry branch on the floor. It made “crack!” – and the pheasant hens were gone… ;-)

    1. I assume you know how a sailing boat tacks upwind? In a zig zag manner. Thats the best way to approach a animal. Never bee line,but I’m sure you already know all this.
      I try to never allow a bear to see me moving. So it’s difficult to watch where your stepping AND keep a eye on the bear!

      1. It is hard to imagine how small our worlds would be if we chose to only do what we knew we could do without making a mistake. – thanks Wayne. Sincere best wishes to you.

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