31 thoughts on “A TELL TALE FACE

  1. This guy has been through the wars. I’m always amazed when the wounds don’t get infected. They must have one terrific immune system.

  2. Thank you Wayne for teaching me some new things about bears. He certainly is a tough and resilient guy. He could easily sport the name Scarface.

  3. How does that expression go “you oughta see the other guy!” Must have been quite a fight. Do you suppose he emerged as the alpha bear? Beautiful capture that shows lots of personality. Keep up the wonderful work, Wayne. Best, Babsje

    1. That first bear (Grumpy) had a chunk out of his butt. In the bear arena, you can either stand and fight or flee. If you flee your butt is going to take a few swipes!
      Scar face stood and fought. I’ve seen bears without an eye. Must be very painful!

      1. Thanks for explaining. Oh poor Grumpy but I’m proud of Scarface. Were they fighting over territory? A female bear? Something else maybe? Best, Babsje

  4. Poor bear – lucky its eyes were spared though. Out in the wild, no salve and bandages to protect the wound, it just healed up, leaving that big scar.

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