Tofino’s premier beach is Chesterman’s beach. If you’ve been here,you most likely have walked along it. From the air it looks like a huge “L”. The length of the “L” is about a mile. It has a rocky island at the bend of the “L” called Frank island. You can walk out to this private island during low tide but not at high tide. The connecting sand bar is called a Trombolo. A trombolo is defined as a bar of sand or shingle joining an island to the mainland.

I’ve heard stories of old timers landing their planes on this beach way back when. The beach provided a great opportunity for a plane to land. The military constructed large wooden crosses along this beach during WWII to stop a Japanese invasion! You can still see a few of them at low tide.

I like to go to the south end of Chesty and climb up on top of the rocks there. Better vantage point. I’ve shot this beach thousands of times in different weather! So much so I’ve come to the conclusion that each sunset is unique! If you could some how of had a sunset picture taken from the same spot each day of your life,you would find like snow flakes,no two are the same. Some may be alike,but they would defiantly not be the same.

I have now expanded that theory to include everything! For instance, no two grains of sand on this beach are the same. They may look like there are at a distance but close up you would see slight differences! This “uniqueness” applies to absolutely everything in this Universe and I suspect this uniqueness goes right down to the atoms?

So rejoice in knowing that there never has been,nor is there,nor will there ever be anybody like you ever again! We are all grains of sand in this BIG beautifully beach we call the Universe!!

63 thoughts on “FACES OF CHESTY

    1. No mountain,river,tree,leaf or blade of grass is the same. It does look the same at a distance but the closer we get the more unique it becomes. A metaphor for our relationships with each other.

    1. magical and mystical…….I’ll buy that! My mantra has been “I always search for the Gold”! Meaning a nice golden sunset but now I’ll expand that to a magical and mystical golden sunset!
      Thanks Jane!

    1. Lighting for me is just as important as subject matter MB! Many times I call a shoot off because the light isn’t what I want!
      and yes I do try to capture that “magic” but it is so fleeting!

  1. I love your closing thoughts Wayne. Your photographs of Chesterman’s beach are stunning. Each picture has features I like making it impossible to select a favorite. Thank you for adding some historical notes about the beach.

    1. I’m very happy you enjoyed them Beth! One of the things I wanted to do in that post…..or mention,Is that the same subject can look very different on different days proving that light is what it’s all about!……Goldi – Loks clouds help a lot too of course! Not too many,not too few!
      During the winter is the best to shoot these sunset beach shots as the beach is coated with rain water making it a huge mirror!
      Low tide,Goldi – Loks clouds,lots of rain,sunset……shake and bake!

  2. Gorgeous photos, Wayne. They bring back memories. We were briefly marooned on Frank Island for a while, until the tide turned. And you gave me a Chesty panorama a few years ago. It’s sort of like the header image for this post, but not exactly (I just checked). As you say, they’re all unique.

    1. Thank you Audrey. Your not the first nor the last to be doing a “three hour tour” out on Frank!
      I wear a tide watch and always use rubber boots. I’ve been in rubber boots straight now for 30 years!
      I’ve seen guys carrying their wife out to the island during high tide. They had rented the vacation rental on there and not planned for the safe/dry tide.
      I’m glad you still enjoy the shot I sent you Audrey!

  3. Exquisite “beachscape” photos and fascinating commentary about Chesty. I especially like the reflections you’ve captured in the lead photo and in the clouds reflected in the next-to-last shot. Very engaging sunset at the beach. Best, Babsje

  4. I was glad to discover your blog for the wonderful photography but have come to appreciate your wise insights. There’s a grain of truth in what you’ve said. Thanks so much.

  5. The pictures of this beach scene are beautiful no matter how the sun is setting, whether bright in the sky, or slipping down to get to dusk. It is still a beautiful scene and the people look so tiny and lost in the expanse of water and sky. How unimportant we are in Mother Nature’s scheme of things.

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