When the moon rises in the east it’s always pale or faint. It will continue to rise and to get brighter and brighter. It will be it’s brightest when night has fallen. To take a good picture of the moon the brightness and contrast must be in the ball park. It’s too faint when it just rises and too bright when it’s dark out. So I’ve found there is about(?) a 30 minute time window when the moon is just perfect for shooting! The Goldi Loks time,not too little and not too much.

I took this shot (of a eagle I do not know) because the eagle was perched just right but my timing was off. I was too early. I tried to shoot two other eagle friends but couldn’t because of the angle. Trees got in the way with both of them! Rats! Good thing I got this safety shot!

34 thoughts on “TOO EARLY

  1. I like it, too. It seems rather mystical. 😊 I didn’t know that about the moon’s rising in the East, Wayne. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing your lovely moment with us all.

  2. I like this one, Wayne – even if you aren’t too keen! Glad you got out and about, saw your feathered friends and the first bear of the season. A pretty good trip!

    1. Everybody seems to like this shot! I don’t understand it? Oh well,I know I won’t be printing it as I have dozens better and they haven’t been printed yet.
      thanks for your feedback!

  3. Wonderful to see this majestic bald eagle in the sphere of the moon, Wayne. Interesting hearing about the Goldilocks moment, too. Your skill and knowledge are a marvel, and much appreciated.

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