24 thoughts on “MR.WHISKERS

  1. Mr. Whiskers is a perfect name – he needs a little gel on his head feathers and for his tail feathers which are every which way but NOT fanned out nicely!

  2. Oh, man, isn’t he just the cutest!!! He looks like he is smiling, bless him. I hope he hangs around next to Romeo and Juliette. It will be fun seeing him on a regular basis. The feathers under his chin are very interesting and I think you named him perfectly. How old would you say he is?

    This is so exciting, eh? A new eagle in the area with a totally unique look!! I am delighted.

  3. Now you have given him a name, we “know” him. I used to experience this effect when I learnt the name of a kid in class. They went from being one of many in a small sea of youngsters to one I knew.

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