18 thoughts on “GOING..GOING..GONE

  1. The sun with its bright golden glow is just mesmerizing. You are lucky to see it … I never watch the sun set as I’m in the neighborhood and there’s nothing to see. One day I will conquer my fear of crime in the ‘hood and head to the riverfront and see a beautiful sunset once again.

    1. I never thought of that before Linda. Of course your living world is very dangerous,I hadn’t considered that.
      I think If you went out with one or two other women you’d be fine but where would you go? Where is there an unobstructed view to the west? Lake Michigan?

      1. Lake Michigan is pretty far … Bishop Park is the closest for me for an unobstructed view of sunrise. That is where Marge went for years … she drove that five miles to watch the sun rise every morning. I thought about going on an anniversary of her passing and just get past it (my crime worry). When I left for work in the morning and came home at night for years on the bus, in Wintertime it was pitch dark but the crime was not bad. I was careful and aware … but not now. Now, if I had to go to work it would be a different thing.

      2. Yes, unfortunately it is – I read the comments in our City’s crime forum and people say that Lincoln Park is not unique – it is everywhere. When I spoke to the nice Park Ranger at Lake Erie Metropark I discussed crime in our City and he has access to police reports and said “what you hear or read about is nothing compared to what really goes on” and suggested that I consider carrying a concealed weapon and said his wife and two teenaged daughters both carried.

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