My fine feathered friend looked like he was playing with the rainbow!

I’ve always loved rainbows………..who doesn’t? They always seem to happen rather suddenly. So the statistical odds that your in the right place at the right time to take a “good” picture is slim to none …….and Slim just left the building! Basically you need two elements to make a rainbow,light and water. That water needs to be in droplet form. Then just add sunshine, shake vigorously and enjoy the show!. This scenario usually happens when I rainstorm has a well defined rear end and has just passed overhead. The rain cloud has billions of rain drops in it that act as tiny little prisms. This rain cloud is moving away from you. A rainbow as you all know is fleeting.

We all remember the local Drive In’s…..I hope? We’d watch the latest flick up on a huge screen!

A rainbow is kind of the same thing. The screen Mother Nature uses to show us a beautiful rainbow is made up of billions upon billions of tiny rain drops! Which of course is very mobile making rainbows short in duration.

We’ve each seen the cover design to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album. It shows a prism breaking up light into it’s individual colours. The colours are separated because of different wavelengths. The order from longer to shorter is ROYGBIV. Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo and Violet. I made up my own saying to remember the sequence.

My saying is “Roy Goes Ballistic In Violence”. It screams out loud enough that you won’t forget it!

Btw,when you see a double rainbow the water droplets have to be 1/2 the size and the colour sequence is reversed of the first rainbow.

76 thoughts on “E BOW

      1. Some WP thing … Iโ€™ve had to follow and unfollow and then the work shows up again on my reader ๐Ÿค“ I was telling the wee one as heโ€™s quite curious and fascinated by bird life … makes me chuckle when he points at them โ€œGo Go (which is what he calls me) Did you see that wing span?โ€ Today weโ€™re going to some safari place he thinks I can get some good photos ๐Ÿค“๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ‘ผ little humans so fun! Have a happy day Wayne ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ

  1. I love seeing an eagle flying through the rainbow … I guess you could say your feathered friend made a “Rainbow Connection” …. I just went to get this song in case you didn’t see “The Muppet Movie” (it was not at the drive-in). I loved the song and knew the words and sang along. There went my credibility, right out the window …

      1. Wonder what happened? The first song I sent, Kermit is a little more animated. I knew all the words … that song was on the radio once and Buddy was singing away to it. So I played it for him so he’d sing. So I knew the words and it brought tears to my eyes but happy tears. Your eagle made a rainbow connection.

      2. Yes, both he and Sugar, our/my white canary before Buddy was the same way. He loved Christmas music, especially soft woman’s voices and the Sleigh Ride song with the horse ninnying and the bells on the horses. He’d sing a mile a minute. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Terri! I always grind my teeth when I see a fantastic rainbow and I’m not prepared or not in the right spot!!…….which is the vast majority of time!
      But……even a clock is right twice a day,so sometimes I get lucky!
      Good to hear from you Terri!

  2. Awesome shot Wayne, you were definitely in the right place at the right time. I have not seen a rainbow in a long time and I do remember going to the drive in movies. :)

    1. thanks Sandra! Every ten trips out or so I seem to have a really good outing! Just a few nights ago I noticed not one but two Sea Otters hanging around in the harbour! Next outing I’ll be watching for them!

      1. There are two kinds of Otter,River and Sea. The River Otter is more than twice the size of a Sea Otter. The Sea Otter are considered the Hollywood stars for cuteness. River Otters play like children in the snow. They both have the densest fur in the world which is why their numbers were reduced so much in the last few centuries! Sea Otters “raft” up by joining paws. They prefer weed beds to rest. I saw one resting in amongst the sea weed beds once and a Orca went right underneath of it and it didn’t even notice as it was napping! I said to it “your a very lucky Otter”!

      2. So interesting Wayne, I did not know there were two kinds, plus the fact that you saw an Orca swimming under one. I would love to see a whale someday. It is almost like they are not real, I only see them in movies or you tube channels. To see something that large has to be a sight one would never forget.

      3. I’ve had a Orca coming towards me and dive under my boat three times. Once one went under very slowly and rolled on it’s side so it could look up at me. I watched his eye move while looking at me! It had minutes earlier torn a Harbour Seal apart!
        I’ve also had one surface and tell me to F OFF! I’m pretty sure it was saying something like that.

      4. Lol, I can see that happening. Whale watching is a big thing and they are human watching and thinking how hungry they are. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  3. Thank you, Wayne. I didn’t know that in a double rainbow the colors are reversed in the first one. I have always dearly loved Kermit singing “Rainbow Connection.”

  4. Hello Wayne! I hope you are well and staying save. Wonderful photos. Honestly i would have fear by a personal meeting with him. ;-) But he is wonderful. Thank you for sharing these impressions, and have a Happy Easter! Michael

  5. I so enjoyed your discussion on the rainbow today, and I loved your mnemonic for the spectrum colors, Wayne. The active eagle photos here with background rainbows are pure delight.

    1. pretty simple actually…..I saw a rainbow and simply tracked my eagle friend as he flew over to me (I called him). The trick is to get to know a eagle so well you know what they are thinking and so take advantage of their known behaviour!

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