This months full moon is called a “Snow” moon but is also called a Bear and Eagle moon. I’m leaning towards the latter.

This is my friend the Daredevil! Each eagle has it’s own favorite perching spots. Over time I’ve noticed where he prefers to perch. If the wind is coming from the west,he likes one spot over another for instance. I maneuver my boat so that the full moon is directly behind this spot and then I simply call him! (and hope he lands right in front of the moon…..but he rarely listens to me and never does) The header shot and the one above were taken at different moons. My goal was to get him directly in front of the moon but because of wind and tide and him choosing different spots on that perch tree I never seem to get what I want!

46 thoughts on “A SNOW MOON aka “EAGLE MOON”

  1. Both photos are beautiful Wayne – the header image moon looks yellowish – the Snow Moon looks white as snow. I can’t blame you for liking the name “Eagle Moon” especially when your feathered friends like to pose nearby.

    1. I went out camping last week. I travel through his territory. I saw him flying towards me but it was raining and I was hungry and needed a shower,so I didn’t stop. I hope he doesn’t get upset with me? Eagles are funny that way. I bet next time I call him he won’t come just to punish me! He has in the past several times.

      1. Sounds like eagles get their feelings hurt too. Even if he pouts a bit, I’ll bet your friendship will stand the test of time.

      2. Oh yes,I’m sure. Maggie was so insulted (I assume?) she won’t talk to me anymore. I think she thinks I abandoned her? It was a misunderstanding. I thought she had disappeared (like some do) so I didn’t go visit. I did for several months but she wasn’t around? I assumed she had died but it now appears that she is around. I think she was hurt that I had seemingly left her……abandoned her?
        I stop by sometimes to say hello.
        It’s either this explanation or she did die while away on the salmon spawning and a new eagle who doesn’t know me filled in?
        What I do isn’t written in any books. So I’m afraid I’m fumbling around in the dark?

    1. Because I have in my mind what I want. Wildlife never does what I want so I have learned to shoot from the hip and roll with it.
      That’s when I say “Ya,I intended to shoot it like that”!

  2. Since I was trying to take nice photos of the moon here in the city I am appreciating the exposure of the moon and the daredevil. Good luck with that long-awaited shot. I believe it will come.

    1. this is the year I’ll get it Jane! I only get 12 times each year and half of those are usually missed because of weather!
      There is about a 30 minute window when the rising moon has perfect contrast and exposure! I usually run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off looking for one of my eagle friends perched perfectly and curse when I can’t find one!

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