I went to visit my feathered friend Romeo. We have a routine. When I come around the corner in my boat I always look at Beck island (nest island) to watch for when he see’s me? When he does he immediately flies over to me and does several circles around.He then glides (his gliding is faster than my boat) to our meeting spot,a rocky islet I call his throne.

However……..on this occasion he came out from the north catching me off guard! Silly eagle. I wonder what he was doing over there and that’s not his territory? At any rate it was good to see him. I chatted with him for a while and then noticed that Juliette came over to do a fly by! I always like it when she perches here as well because she almost always sings me a song! She may have a egg and just wanted a excuse to get some exercise?

The mountains had a beautiful snowy appearance to them! A great background only enhances the subject!

55 thoughts on “WHERE EAGLES DARE

    1. thank you Lynette,the snow made the difference I think. I prefer for the clouds to part around noonish or so after a snow dumping. If the clouds are gone in the morning the sun will begin to melt the snow. I only go out at sunset which means there will be far less snow by the time I go out.
      So I want the clouds to part a bit in the afternoon. I want some light but still have the snow!

    1. well thats very nice of you to say Anne! It just kind of unfolded that way. Since coming to Tofino have learned to flow with what is going on around me. Which has lead me to many interesting places. I really do hope that when we die we do see our life like a movie……mines going to be a blockbuster! Oscar worthy!

      1. Yes I have in the past but it NEVER snows here anymore so I have no new source material to work from. I don’t like working from someone else’s images, if I can help it.

      2. Well, I did a bit of pathetic jogging by accident the other day when I was trying to hurry across a road. As I didn’t immediately fall over I was rather pleased with myself. Still have some way to go until I have the same strength in both feet/ankles. It’s the tightness of the ankle joint that I am really struggling with.

      3. Avoiding cars like that video game Frogger eh! Practise with two lanes until you feel you can do 4, that’ll make that tightness melt away I bet :)
        I’ve found as I grow older that my healing time increases as my patience shortens!

      4. I watched a movie called “The Machine”. She was in it. I sometimes go the Wikipedia write up and hover over the persons name to see if it says “is” or “was”?
        Her’s said “was” which meant she had died since the 2013 film. So I went and checked out her bio. I was surprised to see the name Swansea as I recognized the name from your beautiful paintings.
        She was only 59 too! Younger than me!

  1. Enjoyed these, and the other posts! Looks like you had an eventful and frosty trip out there – couple of days is ok, but happy enough to see it melt away by Sunday…
    Thanks, Wayne!

  2. I’ve probably said it before, Wayne, but your eagle shots are Nat-Geo-worthy! I love that Romeo flies out to meet you and hangs out! That is just way cool! I saw an eagle family perched in some tall trees in the rural area we drive through into Spokane Valley. We pulled over and all I had was my phone, booo! But I saw a speckled-headed juvenile near the adults and one by one, they flew off to get him some food. I hope to have days like yours some day!

    1. thank you Terri.
      Oh that is exciting isn’t it! I assume next visit you’ll be packin…..your big lens and probably a comfy chair and warm clothes? Maybe some hot chocolate….and I can guarantee you’ll have a “day” like mine!
      Photography is more about leg work than lens work.I work very hard to get a front row seat for the show! All I do is show up and see how the dice roll?

  3. Very majestic looking perched on that favorite spot. I have been following explore.org on Twitter and the Decorah North Bald Eagles in Iowa just had their first egg earlier this week. Incubation period is a month they said.

    1. It’s amazing how gentle they can be! Imagine back in the seventies when eagles would do the very same thing but have the egg break due to DDT making the shell so thin! Must of broken their hearts!
      Ours will be getting their eggs very soon I bet.

      1. Sorry to hear that info about the DDT causing the eagles’ eggs to have thin shells. When I saw the eagle rotating the eggs to incubate evenly, I imagine that just a small tap on a very thin shell would spell doom. Yes, I imagine it did break their hearts. They said the eggs would incubate a month – I guess, given the size, I would have thought it was longer.

    1. no whispering going on here. If you hang around any animal long enough you begin to recognize patterns. I simply take advantage of these patterns.
      Having said that these eagles would not go near anyone else. They do trust me and that is indeed a great honour!

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