24 thoughts on “A SNOWY DAREDEVIL

    1. Eagles were born for cold weather! I think I saw the Daredevil rolling a snow ball to make a snowman/eagle!
      My theory is that they eat more in the winter. Why? Because they burn up more calories keeping themselves warm!

    1. yes,Crows hate them and just about every other bird as well but as far as something that could attack them and kill them….no.
      If they are on the ground just about every ground predator would try to kill them of course. They keep each other on alert!

    1. thank you Sabine but I do not enter contests. I’ve been asked many times but do not instinctually. I thought about why exactly through the years and have concluded that there are two reasons anyone would enter a contest 1. for the money and 2. for the ego…bragging rights.
      Both real bad reasons to do anything with your passion!

      1. I’ve never entered any photos either but am thinking about it after a friend called and encouraged me to do it. I’m not interested in money or fame but thought maybe it would be an interesting experience. Will see!

  1. I like the contrast of the snow and the Daredevil’s head – it makes his head look much whiter. The speck of snow in the first picture apparently melted from the warmth of his nostrils, or slid off his slippery beak, as it missing in the second shot.

      1. No,I haven’t. All the water around my eagle friends is salt water. If they want fresh water they have to go to a pond or lake. They get most of their water through their food.

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