15 thoughts on “A CHILLY BLUE HERON

  1. Don’t tell Daredevil and Romeo but the blue heron stole the snow show. The backdrop of the snow covered evergreens with his slate grey coloring makes for a stunning photograph.

    1. I won’t say a “peep” Beth! Herons are beautiful but very squawky!
      I may end up printing that one Beth. You ever come to Tofino drop by the Saturday market downtown to pick up your signed print!

    1. Yes,a real challenge to photograph! Best time is when they have locked onto a small fish and are advancing towards in very slowly. They are not able to look around as any movement could spook the fish.

  2. Funny that in the snowy and gray background, you don’t see the heron’s blue feathers. How in the world does he perch on the metal on top of the piece of wood without slipping off?

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