27 thoughts on “A PADDLERS SUNSET

    1. Being a wildlife photographer first and foremost,I always say one can never get too close!
      I wanted “Nature BIG,human small” to be what people feel. This is what I feel when I’m out in Nature.

      1. The first of your three pictures was my favorite for the very reason you just expressed. I found myself envying that paddle boarder for the grandness of creation he was experiencing and hoping he was taking in the full magnificence of its beauty.

  1. Typical, clouds not being in the right place! Many a time, I have set off with great enthusiasm to find that it clouds over when I get to my location! Nice picture, all the same.

    1. You get it……some people didn’t get that and I must admit I was disappointed in myself as I was positive people would pick up on that.
      Nature huge,human small. We have forgotten our place in this world.

      1. You know Wayne, everyone’s so different. It’s not you who didn’t get it. Some people, probably most of the ones I’ve encountered, don’t seem to value open space and nature. If we were all alike the world would be a boring place! Plus, think if everyone felt like some of us, many more natural areas would be crowded.

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