While shooting the eagle/moon this Immature showed up! It’s a one year old. Obviously it’s the adults offspring or it would have been chased away! They have such black eyes in the first year. The iris doesn’t start to yellow until 2 to 3 years old. Looks like a female.

You can always tell when a eagle is about to “jump”(fly off). I always say “they blow the ballast tanks”just before taking off! They lift the tail feathers and lettur rip. When you see that you know they’re getting close to jumping!

38 thoughts on “YOUNG BALDIE

      1. they follow the food…….we follow the money which gets us the food.
        Have you ever hung around this spot Donna? I’ve only done the hanging around thing with bears catching salmon.

      2. I have actually not gone to the dam because of how far it was from me and the huge crowds, and also because I lived only 11 miles from Blackwater NWR where 200+ eagles are seen during the winter, with no people around for the most part either! :-) While I’m down in Florida this winter, I’ve been keeping up with the refuge’s eagles, I’m missing them!

        I would LOVE to hang around, watching bears catching salmon for sure!! I am still waiting for my first photo of a bear in the wild. There are bears down here in Florida where it’s so hot, I don’t know how they survive in the summer. One of the trails I’ve been walking on lately had a bear sighting, the area bears have also been leaving their poop on the trails. I was clued in about it and took photos, grandboys will love them. hehe Hey, I’m getting closer to a bear photo! ;-)

    1. Thats because of the rain. Normally the feathers are fluffed up making them look “appear” larger but in actuality they are the same size. If I threw her in the dryer for 30 minutes on “Fluff” she’d come out looking like a puff ball!

      1. Ha ha – I forgot she would look a little bedraggled if wet … we all do not look our best! I saw a hawk flying overhead when I was walking to the Park this morning. It started to flurry and I saw the sky darken a bit so when I looked up I noticed it. All of a sudden the hawk picked up speed, dove down beside a house. I didn’t look up again as I didn’t want to see its talons full of its prey.

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