This month the full moon is called a Wolf moon. I walked Long Beach with a friend and being the ever diligent photographer I took along one of my cameras………just in case?

As we walked towards Greenpoint (Park campground) I noticed the moon was at a perfect angle and contrast to do a eagle/moon shot! I only get a handful of these moments each year! So as we walked and chatted I kept a close eye on the tree line for a perching eagle! We walked for over a hour and never saw a single one. Than as we reached Greenpoint I noticed one drying it’s wings out! An eagle will open it’s wing downward to allow the air to dry the wings underside. Being wet means it’s heavier. Being heavier means the eagle will have to expend more energy. Which in turn means they’ll need to eat more often.

So they dry themselves off to be lighter. The feathers are more responsive to the air currents when they are dry.

56 thoughts on “A WOLF EAGLE MOON

  1. So cool. Full moon is Jan 28th. Southern Ontario should be a good view if it is clear. Hopefully your BC version is just as good!

    1. Good to hear from you Julie! It’s been years. Hope your both doing well.
      Just checked your weather for tomorrow night. Doesn’t look good,your most likely going to have overcast conditions with maybe some isolated breaks at best?
      Good luck! We’re going to be 100% overcast guaranteed! Glad I got this when I did!
      take care

  2. Very interesting! We have a lot of eagles, but I’ve never seen one do that. Maybe because we are a bit farther South. Thank you for sharing!

      1. HI Wayne, this is an extract from my new book set in South Africa which describes the wildlife in our area:
        Beyond the chicken coop lay a dense thicket of trees which was a cool
        and shady refuge during the hot summer months and beyond the thicket,
        stretched the grasslands which teamed with life. Estelle frequently saw a
        slender mongoose or shy duiker during her afternoon walks, as well as
        hundreds of scrub hares.
        The bird life was rich and varied and included hundreds of different
        species: small waxbills with their violet cheeks, red bills and blue foreheads and rumps, red-faced and speckled mousebirds, sparrows, crested
        and black-collared barbets, cape robins, and yellow and black bokmakieries with their distinctive cry of bok-bok-mak-kik. There were also the
        birds of prey: the black sparrowhawks, buzzards, black-shouldered kites,
        branded harrier hawks, and the lanner falcons, all of which fed mainly on
        the smaller birds.
        Various species of skinks, yellow-throated or plated lizards and rock
        monitors lurked among the rocky outcrops and hundreds of butterflies
        and bees lived in the tall, waving grass. The spiders were dreadful,
        especially the rain spiders with their large, bulbous and hairy bodies and
        legs that were more than double the length of her thumb.

    1. yes,I was taking creative license.
      I was very happy to come across one with the moon being perfect! Many times I see the moon is perfect but cannot find any of my eagle friends perched perfectly!

      1. I get twelve times each year and your just about guaranteed that half of them will be lost due to overcast conditions.
        Right place right time cannot be taught,only learned ……from mistakes.

      2. A book teaches a person ligthly,a teacher can deliver the information deeper but the deepest form of learning comes from making mistakes. Mistakes go to the bone!
        From cradle to grave we will make millions of “recoverable” mistakes but will only make one “non-recoverable” mistake.

      1. I know what the problem is Emma…..you paint what your familiar with!
        So that means Gulls have been hanging around you! If you hung around some Baldies for awhile you’d be able to paint them. So I’m sending over some of my fine feathered friends for you to become better acquainted with!

  3. Wayne, I do believe the English language falls short of the adjectives to give proper acclaim to this picture. Your wisdom, patience, and eagle eyed vision were well rewarded. I greatly appreciate that you often take the time in your posts to share additional information about the subject of your photographs. I have learned much and am grateful that you willingly pass on your knowledge.

    1. Thank you Beth for your heart felt compliment! If I’m doing something right It’s only because I’ve learned so much from doing it wrong. Wisdom comes from mistakes. The wisest person will of made the most mistakes.
      I’ve always observed and tried to understand. Natural curiosity I suppose.
      Stay safe Beth.

  4. Excellent!! I didn’t notice the moon until yesterday morning when I was taking my daughter to school (-28C and my camera was in the house) and by the time I got back, it was too late! So I missed a beautiful moon-set.

    1. you still have it in your memory but a camera would allow you to share your experience.
      Being photographically mindful is my religion. Thats why I took my camera! I took my big lens because the beach has far views. I’ve made my fare share of mistakes and learned from them.
      I miss the weather btw. I found winter camping exhilarating!
      Always good to hear from you Tania!
      Take care.

    1. not really Linda………the eagle was already in that tree and I simply walked around on the beach to line the moon up with the eagle.
      What I was lucky about was that the eagle choose a tree spire to dry out on. Nothing in behind to block the moon.
      I forgot to mention that they always face into the breeze,telling you like weather vane what direction the wind is blowing! NE in this shot.

      1. The eagle did not want to be disturbed while it dried out as it feel vulnerable with its flight feathers wet and useless. So it was your lucky day. That’s interesting … like they anticipate the breeze, almost like they stand in front of a fan.

      2. Oh it could still fly perfectly fine. It just was trying to get rid of extra weight. They feel what direction the breeze is coming. They always land against the wind anyways.

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