This is one of my favorite studies! I stand around by the main road coming into Tofino with my tripod looking lost. I can see the tourists straining their necks as they go by to try and see what I’m taking pictures of? (some even stop and try to take the same shot with their I-Phones)

This tree spire is on Strawberry island and those mountains are 22 miles away in Strathcona Park. The tallest mountain is Mt Mariner.

This eagle is either Ernie or Ethel? Never can tell at this distance? I like to go here when I know there won’t be any clouds on the western horizon. That way the rich pink’s come out to play!

So……. basically I stand around with my camera/tripod perfectly composed and focused waiting. I have a remote control to trip the shutter at a distance. I need to always keep a eye on that spire! Either of the eagles can come up from behind the island and catch me off guard! It only takes a second! If they fly over to Strawberry island from the left or right,I can see them coming.

As you can imagine It’s usually cold when I do this,so to keep warm I pace back and forth. I am constantly watching that spire! Occasionally my eagle friends come to perch on that tree spire when the lighting is perfect! Most times I go home with nothing.

Notice the micro glacier in Strathcona? It’s the spot in the misty area. Underneath that mist is a small glacier. The ocean air is warmer and moist. It rises,and chills over top of that small glacier. Because that glacier stays put the mist stays put.

OH……….the eagles in the header shot are Romeo and Juliette. Romeo always looks at me in such a questioning manner?

51 thoughts on “A TOFINO EAGLE SUNSET

      1. Fair enough! I just thought it was a good idea! Mind you there must be an element of luck in that approach as you are not looking through the viewfinder yourself.

      2. I found that they do surprise me! If they come up from behind they can catch me off guard. The luck is that they perch on this tree spire when the light is perfect! That pinkish colour only lasts a few minutes!

  1. Wow, what a glorious view, Wayne. Yes, orher than sunsets it seems photography is a game of waiting and patience. I’m sure Ethel and Ernie enjoy the view, too. Happily over here in Eastern Washington, we were able to take a short drive to Lake Couer D’Alene and finally see some eagles for myself.

  2. Stunning shots Wayne, so worth the wait for us as well. The snowy mountain background is just priceless. And love the cover shot. That should be on the front of a magazine.

    1. thank you Sandra! It’s a on going effort to try and get them while the pink is there! The pink colour is there only for a few minutes and the odds that they come over and perch during that time is slim!

  3. These are beautiful shots Wayne – look at all the snow, so no wonder you are so cold waiting for that perfect moment to take the photo. I always go to Twitter to go right to your site and that is just a stunning photo of Romeo and Juliet.

    1. I usually take my music with me so I can pass the time but no matter what, I cannot take my eyes off of that tree spire! I have several times in the past and they’ve beaten me to it each time!

      1. It’s be really frustrating to be there all that time waiting on the perfect shot, then you blink or shift your gaze and it happens. Or its cold and the battery is a little slow and then you’re a split second too late.

      2. They want to trick you – see if you’re paying attention to them while they play hide-and-go-seek as they know you can’t see or find them. πŸ™‚

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