19 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

      1. I don’t recall seeing any eagles in your posts inside this tree in the past. It was perfect – no distracting background, just the Daredevil’s regal beauty in the evergreen.

      2. Interesting – that is unfortunate that happens and you don’t have a copyright on it, so they figure they have carte blanche to help themselves. At least ask you.

      3. people take pictures off my site all the time. I can’t do anything about it. Even If I put up a copyright watermark they’ll just photoshop it out and still use it.
        I’ve heard you can put any picture in Goggle’s search engine and it will search to see If anyone has used it! Never tried it.

      4. no,no point,If someone wants it their going to take it whether you’ve posted a DO NOT COPY warning.
        Besides I’ve earned several thousand dollars from companies who have taken shots from my site and used them on their site without permission.

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