36 thoughts on “ROMEO’S ARRIVAL

      1. I found this Noelle………Q. How do you determine a bald eagle’s age?
        A. By plumage until they are 5 years old, then after that you cannot age them.
        Thats what I suspected because I have never heard of anyone talking about a 10 year old eagle,or a 15 year old eagle.

    1. I thought I already answered this several days ago Cindy?
      No,that is not me but he is a friend of mine! Wayner is a excellent carver! He carved me a medallion out of Wooly Mammoth tusk for shooting his daughters wedding once!

  1. The lighting in the first picture highlights the incredible detail and coloration of Romeo’s feathers. You clearly captured the immense power he holds in his wings and talons.

    1. and now you know why I go out on only sunny days and only near sunset…….LIGHT!
      A business mans mantra is “Location Location Location”.
      A photographers is “Light Light Light”!
      It’s amazing to think he probably doesn’t even weigh in at 10 pounds too!
      Thank you dropping in Beth and Happy New Year…..and we need more happy these days! One can never have enough happiness! I wish I could die of happiness actually and seeing as that’s never going to happen I guess I’ll live forever!

      1. You’ve been busy Sally. Like my old friend Albert use to say “It’s all relative”……..and If you had to tolerate drunk relatives over the holidays time most certainly moved very slowly :)

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