1. Such a handome pair. I read a story the other day about a mourning swan, that would not leave the body of his partner that had been killed by the overhead electric wire on a railway line (I am not sure where it was) which made me very sad. Do eagles show such devotion to their partners? Do they mate for life?

      1. In the wild mortality is high Emma! Bear cubs have a high mortality as well.
        This just proves that there are many animals out there with feelings just like you and I. So we should step lightly into this wonderful world!

  2. Great photographs Wayne! Earlier this year I started to watch a live eagle cam in Decorah, Iowa. We’d check in every day and watched as the parents were sitting on their eggs, then the eaglets hatched, grew up and finally left the nest. A couple of days ago I checked in and saw one of the parents has returned! I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on them again and every time I watch them on YouTube I think of you and your eagles. 😊

  3. They are quite a pair and interesting to see the difference in size between them that you’ve mentioned in prior blog posts but now so evident with them side-by-side. How regal they are and you show that in this photo.

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