92 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS IS LOVE

  1. Wayne – how refreshing to go into my Twitter feed to read what new atrocities have happened while I was sleeping and see these cutie pies. This is such an adorable picture that you have shared with us. I collected many teddy bears over the years, until I had nowhere else to put them, and Peggy and Piglet are even cuter than all my fake fur friends combined. Christmas is about love and sharing the love. Thank you for sharing your love and love of wildlife with us. P.S. – I also smiled at the header image … that Trumpeter Swan has a running start, complete with Santa cap. Where is he/she going in such a hurry?

  2. Back at ya Wayne. Much love, warmth and comfort this Christmas season. And thanks for all the wonderful photographs again this past year. Its always a pleasure to get them and say . . . Awe . . . how beautiful!!!

      1. I have not seen any bear here (we had many black bear back east), but we have grey foxes, coyotes, raccoons, possums, the occasional nutria, plenty of voles (we had a *volemic* during the pandemic), moles, mice and gophers. Cougar wander through the general area but I have not seen one. We had a family of 5 grey foxes 2 years ago. I did not see any foxes this year, though I did hear their growly barks and whines. I have heard the Coast Range has more bear. I am in the Cascade foothills. Lots of blacktail deer come through. Haven’t seen any mule deer, but I think they are mostly in the higher elevations. Some people have seen elk around here. I did, down towards Eugene, many years back. A great horned owl hung around the farm for a few years. Lots of California quail, occasional pheasant. Haven’t seen wild turkeys, but I know they are around.

      2. I would of thought you’d see a few bears at least living in the Cascades? You have a lot of critters running about! No Sasquatch’s I assume? I have a friend who believes in them BIG time!
        Sounds like a great place to live Lavinia!

      3. There are bears here, though I was told not as many as over in the Coast Range. I’ve never seen one around here, or heard of any getting into trouble. Bears and beekeepers generally don’t along. I’ve seen photos from beekeepers over in the Coast Range showing what a beeyard looks like after a bear finishes “harvesting” honey and larvae. Looks like a tornado hit.

        Haven’t seen any Sasquatches except for a giant wood carving of one at the other end of town. :-) It is a wonderful place to live, for sure!

      1. My baby brother lives on the island with his family, in Victoria. We came to Tofino in June 2000 and stayed in the YHA. My favourite memory of the whole trip was from Tofino — watching a bald eagle swoop down and steal a salmon from the belly of a sea otter as she floated. Our eldest son was 3 at the time –it is his earliest memory!

      2. Now that would of been a great shot to get! Such a great memory too! You mentioned “she”. I assume you know how to tell the difference at a distance between a male and female? A female will have a discoloured nose. Most likely pinkish in spots. When the male mates with a female he will grab her by the nose. There is almost always a struggle and so her nose gets hurt. The scar tissue heals but leaves a pinkish discoloured look to the nose.
        That was twenty years ago. Your about due for another visit!

      3. If I cant work out the sex of a creature, I use ‘she’, mainly to counterbalance the prevalence of ‘he’ when people talk about nature.

        At the time, I wasn’t looking at the eagles nose, it was the expression on the sea otters face –priceless! I’ve never seen the pinkish discoloured nose, and there are four bald eagles in a Conservancy 20 miles south of here. But they have failed to breed, so maybe that’s why!

        Yes, we need to get back to Canada…

  3. Thank you for sharing another wonderful images. These bears are famous. Merry Christmas, and be well. For staying saver as actually you would need an airport first. ;-) Horrible, but maybe you had heard: In the UK a virus mutant was found. Would wish the bears and the eagles would be much more reproductive as this Covid-19. Michael

      1. Yeah, but if I haven’t moved for 2 years wont all my other muscles withered. That makes me wonder how the bears’s muscles cope after a long winter snoozing. Eight weeks of no activity withered my calf muscles. Thankfully they are back to normal size now.

      2. I wondered about that as well Emma?
        I have noticed something about where a bear sleeps that might answer your pondering?
        I noticed on one bears den that all the debris on the ground had a circular pattern! It looked liked all the little bits of ground debris had been moved in a definite direction!
        So, what I think may be happening is the bear gets up and turns every so often. The bear turned in the same direction again and again! Embedding the debris into a swirling pattern. The pattern was subtle, but I clearly saw a swirling pattern. In order to get that kind of pattern the bear must of gotten up and turned dozens of times in the same direction? I have never heard of anyone talking about this behaviour before?
        This may not be indicative of every single bear? Another bear might turn right a few times and then turn a few times left not giving a pattern as pronounced?
        But at any rate it looked like to me that they do den exercises naturally!

      3. In the end I had to look this up and I am not sure I really understand what I read but its seems that the hibernating bears’ bodies produce “Non-essential amino acids which allow muscle cells to grow”. So their muscles don’t atrophy, unlike humans’.

  4. Thank you for all your wonderful blog posts and spectacular photography Wayne! To love and be loved are definitely two of the most important things in life. Stay happy and healthy and know that you are loved for enriching our world with your understanding and education of nature! 🐻

  5. Cute photoshop! Haven’t been near the blogs lately but think of you from time to time, especially when I see the eagles! Hope you are well and wish you many happy adventures in the coming year!

    1. I got a friend to do the photoshopping of the toques and masks. I do not know how to do that stuff.
      I am fine and wondered about you as well. Many people have dropped off the radar.
      I must of made an impression on you If you think about me when you see a eagle!
      You enjoy your house and each others company!
      take care Mrs.P!

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