As some of you already know I placed a trail camera up river during salmon spawning season to record the wildlife. I have had a trail camera up for over 5 weeks this fall. I must admit that I am disappointed with the results. I expected more bears or hoped there would be more than there was.

I have pondered why for sometime now? I truly do not know exactly why to be honest. My theory is that last years run was a poor run. So this year the bears migrated to other valleys for better streams. Nature self regulates it’s self. Animals will spread out naturally.

Plus I suspect that many bears did not put on enough body fat and so died in their dens during last winter.

In these two videos you will see a bear searching for a salmon and in the other a bear has found one. During normal times the river would have more bears around. So If you grabbed a salmon you hurried off into the forest quickly! WHY? Because if one of those other bears saw you get a salmon most times this would cause them to chase you until you dropped your prize! So when you grabbed a salmon you would always hurry off into the forest where you could eat it in peace! But in the second video thats not what is happening! The bear has grabbed a salmon and begins to eat it out in the open! The only reason why a bear would do something like this is If they felt like they were the only bear around! It felt comfortable enough to do this. Which points to the fact that very few bears were around this fall!

Also,notice in the first video the bear walks across to a pool. A salmon realizes a bear is coming and takes off.

38 thoughts on “SEARCHING FOR DINNER

  1. Maybe the 2019 run was bad because 2015 was so hot? Was this year’s run better? Climate change doesn’t help at all, when the fish are dealing with overfishing and loss of spawning streams.

    1. Yes,fewer bears everywhere! A friend who swims many streams counting salmon had this to say………….”As for animals, one wolf on Tranquil and the least number of bears seen there this year.
      In 33 snorkel surveys, 2 on the Bedwell 1 on the upper Kennedy 1 on Warn bay ck.
      Very few bears overall.”

  2. Interesting theories you have Wayne – it is nicer to think that they moved on and not that they died in their dens from not packing on enough fat. Hopefully climate change is not affecting the bears’ habits.

      1. You hit the nail on the head Wayne. Obviously, humans don’t care and they keep procreating and for what – what kind of world do those kids grow up in? A generation or two from now, what’s left of the environment and Earth as we always knew it, because no one cares – for the most part, humans care only for their electronic devices and have a short attention span.

      2. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world for the sake of the child, not my own.
        As the population increases so will climate change,extinctions,wars and of course resource depletion.

      3. Nope, a child brought into the world today, by the time they are an adult, the world and its resources will be looking pretty bleak. We just need to look at Alaska’s icebergs, landscape and the starving polar bears.

    1. Bears are dying from starvation,Orca’s as well and when the Sea Lion’s cannot find any food they leap into Fishermen’s nets and what is our response?…….cull the Lion’s!
      As our population keeps increasing,so too will all our ill’s.

      1. Same down here Wayne! They’ve been culling the sea lions here in Oregon as well because they are the reason for greatly reduced salmon runs. I don’t even know what to say to nonsense like that. Unfortunately most humans probably aren’t aware of it or care. The trail videos were great by the way!

  3. This is interesting ponder. When animals change, or when nature changes, we just don’t know why. Their instincts are far sharper than we can imagine.

  4. I was reading the comments above and agree. Nature is being forgotten because of technology. I have seen so many acres of land torn up for new housing additions, when there are plenty of places for people to live in the city, but they want something new. 4 story houses when they are only a family of 3 people. Nature knows how to take care of itself if people would leave it alone. Thank you Wayne

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