37 thoughts on “RESTING

  1. I’m sure by now you have forest smarts and know how to approach animals for their safety and yours. I know that I learned how to handfed pine siskins by watching how a pine siskin predator (my neighbor’s grey tabby cat…!) approached them. This knowledge can be used for good, survival, or evil, and I’m always happy to see your photos because you use your skills for good!

      1. Me, too! When I was a toddler, the local park had a small zoo with brown bears in it. Though there was security rail and notice warning of the danger of the bears, a toddler – me – stuck his hand into the bear cage to pert the bear, which promptly bit it! I got a ride to the doctor’s in a police car and have a tiny scar between the ring and middle fingers on my right hand to remind me not to pet bears! LOL! True story. I remember another kid doing this at a later age, but he had have his injured hand sewn into his abdomen (!) to help it heal. I never heard of such a strategy before or after that. Sometimes I wonder if I just thought I heard this from someone who didn’t know what actually happened.

      2. I probably got it back because my hand was so small at that age. The kid who had the more extreme bite was older – 10 or so? It was a long time ago. The zoo was a typical animal prison of the time – 1950 or so. It eventually was closed and the animals went to a proper zoo built along the more humane guidelines of contemporary zoos. The local bear cage actually had a den built of river rocks so they could hibernate, but the rest of the enclosure was concrete and wire cage, with very little space for exercise.

      3. I’m not a fan of Zoo’s now that I realize what is going on. Basically It’s just like our prisons.
        A friend showed me a eagle kept in a cage. It turns it’s back to people and just sits there doing nothing. It’s spirit has been broken and that is the saddest thing to realize! The worst part of that is there are thousands upon thousands of animals all across this earth just as bad If not worse and all to cater to our entertainment.

      4. Believe me when I say I’ve learned that Andy is a gentle cat but he has limits. If I rub his head and face too long, he will bite my finger gently. If I ignore the hint, he will bite hard enough to draw blood! (I learned that the hard way, of course!)

  2. What a beautiful photo Wayne. I am sure if I could make Harry look this good, he’d pose more often for me instead of squawking and flying off as quickly as he can. He sure is relaxed.

      1. I love birds, Wayne. We have the fourth generation of a family of hadeda’s living in our garden. They are so used to us, they come right up close. We can also go close to them when they are foraging and it doesn’t bother them at all.

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