65 thoughts on “SUNSET STRETCH

  1. Lovely sunset brought to me on a wet dull and dark day here in the UK. I was wondering how your Bear numbers are after reading the reductions in numbers you were seeing a little while ago.

    1. nothing like a great sunset to bout ones heart on a dull,cold and wet day Andy!
      The bear numbers are higher than they were at the beginning but still lower than norm.
      Some have already started to den. Should all be snoring away in 2 weeks time?

  2. If was a bear I would have gone packed up for the winter a couple of weeks ago. Maybe you have better weather, Wayne. We just have rain and more rain. Beautiful photo too!

      1. thats because you only see when I am and not when I am not.
        For instance a small pod of Orca’s went through the harbour last week but I’m not too disappointed as the light was terrible because it was pouring out! The only creature that could get me out in the rain would be a Sasquatch! ……..and even then nobody would know about as I would not want others to hunt them down.

  3. That is a beautiful shot and composition, Wayne! For some reason I am not getting updates for your new posts, even though I have it set for that. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard anything in a while, but I see you have posted quite a bit.

      1. I toggled the options for updates in the reader. That seems to have reset something in WP and now I am getting updates. I got one this morning, finally.

  4. Oh Wayne, what a glorious photo you have made. The sunset in the sky, and reflected in each little water ripple, with Romeo silhouetted in action. Magnificent. That header shot, who I see from comments is also Romeo, is also outstanding. Quirky and fun.

      1. thank you Harry!
        They say one has to spend 10,000 hours doing something until they master it.
        I say with photography one has to take 100,000 pictures before they master the craft!

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