I looked at the beach camera and saw that the clouds were perfect for a sunset shoot! Two other thingsI had going for me were the tide and recent rainfall!

I’ve found the best sunset shots are when the low tide coincidences around sunset time. That way there is lots of beach exposed.

All the rain we’ve been getting lately bleeds out onto the beach making the the beach like a mirror!

So I rode out in a hurry as I decided to do this late in the day…… hour before sunset! By the time I got out there the clouds had moved in snuffing most of that great light!

43 thoughts on “STORM SURF

    1. very happy you enjoyed the shot Robbie. Riding there and back took about a hour, but my shooting time was about 15 minutes.
      If you had seen the cloud formations that drew me out there to begin with you would of loved those even more so!

    1. I imagine you would of Anita and Jaye! We get use to it being there and take it for granite. I’m one of the few locals that walk the beach. Aside from people who have to walk their dog somewhere of course.

  1. Beautiful and tranquil Wayne – just to be here gazing at this amazing looking sky and calm water fills you with peace, something we all so sorely need right now. I wonder if the surfer enjoyed the view too or was just intent on catching a wave?

      1. a wet suit is weird. I never heard of them until I came here. Very cold water gets in but after a few minutes warms up.
        So when a surfer comes out he/she heads to their parked car. They than strip down and change into their street cloths. This creates nude people from time to time. A common site around here.

      2. Interesting – well often a seaside resort or beach resort would have cabanas to change into street clothes, but Tofino wanting to preserve its natural beauty would not want cabanas cluttering up Chesterman Beach. Well, in this day and age, people are saver to change in their vehicle than risk COVID.

    1. me too Jane! I watch for that mterological scenario. I measure the gap by sun widths. I’d say this one is just one sun wide. If you can get a gap of 3 or 4 sun widths the light screams in painting the clouds like a huge ceiling! I watch for that all the time !

    1. I have never heard of that term before Emma? I thought they might be talking about Albino but no,It’s about a recessive colour gene.
      Albino animals are usually rejected by other animals of normal colouring. They realize that their genes are wrong and so do not want them mixing it up. A true genetic racist!
      We have our Kermode bears here on the coast.
      As to why someone would kill it…….not sure? Many people are superstitious and they do things they know they shouldn’t!

  2. Wonderful sunset, Wayne. I like the big beach expanse, and liked learning your secret for achieving that. The sky reflected in the sand is espec. attractive. And the numerous wave lines are also very cool.

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