27 thoughts on “TURNING

    1. One thing I haven’t talked about before Jane is the sound! When they turn I can hear a distinct change in sound.
      If a eagle went past you on a calm day you’d hear a distinct sound.It’s the air being disturbed by their feathers. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

      Once, unbeknownst to me, a eagle dove straight down at me while I was napping in a canoe on a very calm day. The sound was high pitch and alien like! Never heard a sound like that again!
      Made me wonder why it did that?
      I know animals can try to warn other animals by using loud sounds. A animal can get another animals attention by making a loud noise.
      When I’m shooting bears I get close. Sometimes a Harbour Seal will come up behind me and purposely make a huge splash to create a loud noise so that the bear will look up and see me close by.
      But what the Seal doesn’t understand is that most of the bears already know me.

  1. That is an amazing photo Wayne – the size of the wings and the bright-yellow feet trailing behind, yet sideways and always the intense look on the Daredevil’s face. I sure hope he puts on his turn signals to do those acrobatics!

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