I went to see If Romeo was home? I haven’t seen him in almost a month! When I arrived at our meeting spot I found a Gull on Romeo’s perch. I told him he better get out of here as my friend was going to be coming over real soon! Which he promptly did when he saw Romeo flying towards him!

I didn’t know KFC deliveries?

26 thoughts on “KFC DELIVERS?

      1. me too Anne. I believe they all have unique personalities. When we meet new people we can tell almost immediately whether we like them or not. Not everyone is going to like us. Some eagles won’t have anything to do with me.
        So,for whatever reason Romeo and I have hit it off.
        Whereas Moe over on Morpheus tried to crap on me once! If a stiff breeze hand’t of been blowing he would of gotten me too!
        So each eagle is unique and of course I take pictures of only the ones that like me!

    1. and thats exactly why I did that. We can never laugh too much!
      I do see eagles take Gulls from time to time. I’ve also seem them go after diving birds. They play a game to wear them out. They chase them! The only way the poor thing can escape (because eagles are faster) is to dive into the water. It holds it’s breath for a minute or so while the eagle has perched onto a nearby tree limb abd catches it’s breath. The bird will come shooting out of the water like a ballistic missile…and the chase is back on!
      The eagle will close in and the bird will dive back into the water. The eagle flies to a near by tree and waits/rests.
      This whole process repeats many times until the poor bird is exhausted and finally taken.
      So when I saw this Gull on Romeo’s perching spot,I thought to myself “thats pretty cool,the food comes to you now”!

      1. Laughter truly is good medicine. Watching an eagle take a gull must be quite a chase to behold. I had no idea gulls took such measures to evade their predator. Our Atlantic coast laughing gulls are quite cheeky and might mind their p’s and q’s a bit better if there was a Romeo circling overhead.

      2. The Gulls are not the ones diving,there are other smaller birds that dive the eagles go after. (Marbled Murrelets etc)
        Two eagles in the harbour (Ernie and Ethel) take Gulls all the time!

    1. Thank you Lynette! If the fishing gets slim,they do fall back on birds! I think Delilah had killed one yesterday. When I went to visit the Daredevil I found lots of feathers floating about. I may of disturbed their dinner?

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