34 thoughts on “SUNSET VIRGA

    1. Thank you Anne! I had put my camera away and was packing up to go home when I looked up and saw it. That cloud formation doesn’t happen very often. Tonight It was high enough to catch the last rays of the sunset! I consider that colour is very delicate. It doesn’t happen that often and when It does It only lasts for a few minutes.

    1. no,the cloud cell just happened to be at the right height for those last rays to hit it. I wish there had been several dozen Virga clouds about but they seem to be isolated cells most times rather than large groupings.

      1. I can’t say I’d ever seen that but I’m not out at sunset either. I had not heard of the term “Virga” either, so learned something. When Anne Mehrling posts photos of rainbows in the mountains, I realize I can’t remember the last rainbow that I saw. Recently she posted a rainbow, then a flattened rainbow – another term I had not heard of.

      2. Virga doesn’t happen very often but I’m always watching for it.
        yes,basically a flattened rainbow is created by the wind. The wind whips the waves enough to atomize the water droplets. All those tiny droplets close to the water refract the light.

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