I haven’t been able to get out on a shoot in awhile! I was physically heading down to the boat shed last night but saw some clouds moving in,so I turned around and went back! Which turned out to be a mistake because the sunset ended up being one of those great ones!

So when I saw todays weather was about the same and knew that the next three days were going to be pouring rain….I decided to go out. BUT….that incoming Frontal system came in early and snuffed the sunset!

So great sunset last night,didn’t go out. Poor sunset tonight,I did go out! Trying to be at the right place at the right time can be complicated!


    1. salmon’s teeth increase in size when they enter into fresh water to spawn. The fresh water triggers a hormonal change. The males grow larger teeth,their jaws become more pronounced,their backs arch and they become more aggressive!

      1. Salmon should never be fished when they are spawning. They stop eating and have limited energy levels. Fighting a fishermen might be too much for a salmon with low energy levels. They only live 2 weeks in a stream and then die.

  1. I know how you feel about the weather. The weather has been very wet and windy for well over a week. The sun is out now but I would not be surprised if it was pouring down inan hours time!

  2. This handsome devil was streaking through the blue sky and glad you came by for a visit. If your weather cooperates and the salmon run is over, you’ll be seeing more of your feathered friends now.

      1. I was thinking that it was November so should be done, but your weather is milder than here so “November” does not mean the same to you … although we may break a record on Sunday with our 70-degree weather. We have very mild weather through Monday … hopefully not the calm before the storm.

      2. your weather is swinging into Winter’s cold. That’s a big advantage about living on the coast in a Temperate zone…..It doesn’t get really cold. I do miss the snow however!

      3. The weather folks think we may break a few records today and through Monday. It will be 73 tomorrow! Nice all weekend and Sunday I’m going all my yard work and raking the leaves (my neighbor’s tree). I’ll have to rake again, but will cut down the roses, wrap the faucet, oil the garage door track, change the lights in the pole light – not fun jobs, but great weather to be out in. I would not miss the snow … it is pretty before the cars track in it and make it ugly. It is pretty to see in the backyard and on bushes and trees though.

      4. Yes – it’s in my blood. :) A few years ago, it rained every weekend and I didn’t get the roses cut down and we had our first snow -some snow and freezing rain covered my red roses. Beautiful to see and I took photos … then it went away a few days later. Last year we had the early snow on all the Halloween pumpkins then a major snowstorm … I’m going to touch on that snowstorm later in the week. We had a stellar day today weather-wise.

  3. I know what you mean Wayne, 50 50 chance, :) oh, I stumbled upon an Eagles nest with two Eagles perched by it. One was fixing it up, a place I have driven by many times but never noticed the nest. I will be going back there periodically to check on it. It is quite far away, but I can see it fine with binoculars also.

    1. Oh isn’t that a nugget Sandra! Finding that nest must of sent your heart a flutter! I assume you have a spotting scope you can use to observe the goings on? Maybe talk to someone living close by to see what the history of this couple is?
      Great find Sandra!

      1. Yes, it is my first nesting pair I have seen. It is out where no one lives on a little island on the Mississippi river. So people don’t go by it unless they are on a boat. I only have binoculars, but they will work. I might be able to photograph them late in the day when the sun is setting. I went by there today and one Eagle was perched near the nest. It is very exciting. There is a web cam on an Eagles nest I used to watch down in Florida, it was so stressful when the eaglet was about to leave the nest. That nest was by a busy interstate. And the young eagle always got to close to the highway, I had to quit watching that one.🙂

      2. It is a small piece of land that is separated from a small island called Credit Island. Last winter I started going down there and found more Eagles there than the place I use to go to in the winter. It is a deserted place now, they use to have a golf course on the island, but every year it floods so they closed all that, and now there is just a road that goes around the island. It is great for birds now.

      3. I checked the island out on Goggle Earth. Where is the nest? Towards the southend I suspect? Looks like less human activity going on down there. I see the Lodge and old golf course at the north end.

      4. I just looked it up Wayne, there is a name for it, which I did not know. Look up Willow Island, the nest is almost in the middle of it.

      5. The water on the north side of the island stays open for most of the winter until it gets real cold. And if it freezes over the Eagles go down to Lock and Dam 15, to catch fish. I always go to Lock and Dam 14 to see eagles also when I can.

      6. I will make a post next week and show you. I took a couple pictures the other morning, but I have to go in the afternoon when the sun will be behind me.

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