This is Delilah. She’s the Daredevil’s mate. I should say this is Delilah #2. Delilah #1 disappeared over a year ago. She just didn’t come back from the salmon grounds. I haven’t a clue what happened?

When this female showed up months later I was thrilled to see who I thought was Delilah but soon realized it wasn’t my old friend but a stranger. I felt a shadow cross my heart when I realized my friend was gone!

28 thoughts on “DELILAH

  1. I wish you knew what happened to Delilah #1, but I guess you’ll never know. Glad the second Delilah has warmed up to you and made such a nice profile pose and looked back at you to tell you you are okay in her book.

      1. Aw, I was not thinking of her suffering – more that she chose another path away from her mate. I am sure eagles are like geese or swans and since they live for so many years choose a mate for life, but maybe there are exceptions sometimes.

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