55 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

  1. What another wonderful image. Is Daredevil the elder one? Romeo and Juliett perhaps on vacancy, in Italy. ;-) Thank you for sharing such wonderful impressions, Wayne! Hope you are far away from the virus, and can enjoy life. Best wishes, Michael

    1. Good question Michael,I do not know his age? This was the only picture I got last night of my eagle friends.
      We get cases here like everyone else. Comes with the tourists from the cities.
      Thanks for dropping in Michael and you stay safe too please!

    1. fish is a staple for eagles,at least for coastal eagles. Maybe further inland they hunt not only fish but other small animals,like rabbit. Biologists go up into their nest to find out what they’ve been eating.

      1. He’s the only eagle that allows me to get close…..actually……he’s the only eagle that gets close to me!
        I’ve been with him now for over 15 years and have loved every moment!

      2. 25 years or longer If in captivity Sabine.
        Delilah passed away a year or so ago. She never came back from salmon season. Of course it was such a long time until I finally admitted she must of passed! Made me very sad. Life out there is very tough!

      3. I’m always in awe of these regal birds! That’s an incredible life span. Earlier this year I discovered a live eagle cam in Decorah, Iowa. Watched the parents add to the nest, lay their eggs and all the way through fledging. Not as good as the real thing, but still makes me so appreciative of nature. There’s a botanical garden near my place where they have a pair of bald eagle residents. They were incredible the last time I. Was able to visit there.

      4. I’m glad to hear they put two eagles togther. They need socializing just like us or any animla! Linda has told me about a eagle called Luc. He’s all by himself,does not interact,doesn’t do anything. He has given up hope on being free. Such a crime to see such a majestic creature reduced to a shadow or it’s former self!

      5. The eagles aren’t captive. They just nest there in some tall fir trees. There’s a small lake with lots of waterfowl and other critters, plus a river nearby to go fishing in. Someone I talked to there said they’ve been there for many years.

      1. He has a very unique geographic spot too! In the summer time the sun is setting further north and because of a small point of land it creates a shadow in this small bay. Which of course makes it all black in behind him. It really makes him jump out than! But with the sun setting further southward I lose that blackness in behind.

      2. See, after all these years you know the lay of the land, the best light. That is a true show of commitment and love of nature to understand your surroundings that well. Which is a treat for us the viewer, to see wildlife close up and personal from your work and dedication. It has not gone unnoticed Wayne. It shows in your beautiful wildlife photos. I truly admire that.

      3. Thats very nice of you to mention Sandra!
        Thank you!
        I think the most valuable tool a photographer can have is not an expensive camera,It’s their mind!
        The most useful tool a photographer can have inside their mind is the power of observation!
        Being able to observe everything around ones self and understanding why is what it’s all about. I simply apply that philosophy to photography!
        Also……. filling up that 10,000 hour tally helps too!

      1. Yes, about the size of a minnow. I get a good look at them every Winter when we have very cold weather and the Creek freezes over. The shad under the water get no oxygen, then die and the ice melts and they float to the shoreline – hundreds of them. Ugh.

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