44 thoughts on “RUNS ON!

    1. Yes, there are so many salmon that a bear almost always never finishes It’s “plate”! Which is what Nature intended to happen. All those fish carcasses laying in the forest decompose and act as fertilizer for all the trees. They’ve found trees surrounding a salmon bearing stream are larger!

  1. About a month ago on the road to my vet’s what I at first took to be a large runaway dog ran across the road ahead of me. As I got closer I realized it was the skinniest brown bear I had ever seen. It was not a cub, I could not guess it’s age, but I felt sorry for it. Your bears look properly round and well fed even before the salmon arrive. Bon appetite!

    1. I’ve only seen one bear in my forty some odd years of watching them that was skinny. I too felt very sorry for the poor thing. Pretty sure it had some sort of disease like cancer.
      I remember I wanted to get a closer shot but it was very scared of anything coming near it. So I watched where It was walking and hide behind a large boulder. I peeked around the corner and saw he was coming my way slowly. I took some shots and it heard the mirror slap and stopped. It looked so afraid as If I was going to hurt it. I think It would be akin to a eighty year old trying to walk around downtown among the homeless looking for food. Just trying to survive with no means to protect it’s self. I’m sure the poor thing didn’t last more than a few more weeks.

    1. I have a friend who is hired to swim the streams counting the salmon. He swims downstream and uses a hand counter. His count seems to indicate this years run will be good! Last years run was terrible!

  2. Yummy for the bears, but the salmon aren’t so enthused – just look at their expression. These are great up-close shots of the catch of the day Wayne. How many salmon to fill up a big bear’s tummy anyway?

    1. good question? I do not know but they eat one per day for sure! They maybe can get 3 or 4 on a good day? It all depends on many variables. Beginning,middle or ending of the run? They eat more dead ones then live ones….easier to catch!

      1. I’ll bet they gorge themselves when the salmon are plentiful, knowing there might be lean times ahead. I was thinking that a big bear like that would have to have a lot of salmon to sustain it, especially as it got closer to slumber time.

      2. I’ve seen bears so full they’ll stand in the river so that their bellies are cooled down by the cold water! Because they are standing still salmon do come close and can bump into them! They’ll instinctively grab it but because they are salmon drunk they drop it with eating it!

      3. It is too bad the salmon run is so late in the year as the bears are ready to go to den shortly – I am sure that cold river would keep the salmon preserved too.

      4. Yes, we are – as humans, we like to think we are superior to animals, but it is simply not true. We need to get off the pedestal we perceive ourselves are on.

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