43 thoughts on “A BLACK BEAUTY

    1. I think you use to be a bear Annette! I know how you love my furry friends! I did look for a Sow/cub last night just for you but alas couldn’t find any about. I suspect they are migrating to their favorite salmon streams.

  1. Wow! Wayne, it looks like she’s giving you a big grin here. (Or perhaps a huge snarl, heehee). At any rate, it’s a great series of shots.


  2. Awesome photos Wayne, the light is shinning right in those beautiful eyes. And what a catch in the cover shot. That is a big fish, salmon. Do you fish for those also? That would be a great catch for me. I have not gone fishing in awhile. I do have a new fishing pole I have not used yet.

      1. It’s taken me years to figure all this stuff out Sandra! I approach the bear from the water for instance instead of land. They don’t seem to mind (I suspect they aren’t afraid of anything from the waters side because nothing has ever attacked them?) that but If I were to try getting close on land it would take off like a shot! I also go only near sunset. Which means it’s looking westward into the sun. It really “shines” a light on it’s features and the light is softer and more golden!
        All bears have chestnut colour eyes.
        Plus going all the time they become familiar with me! Many know me from when they were little cubs! That’s the secret!! Getting to bond with them when they are a cub. Of course they are scared of me for a few months but they begin to understand that If their mother isn’t scared they shouldn’t be either.

      2. That is so interesting, and I have seen that in nature documentaries. Being consistent over a course of time, gives them a chance to know you are not a threat.

      3. remember that I’ve made many mistakes you never hear about!
        That is the main source of my knowledge……from making mistakes. The person who has made the most mistakes will be the best at whatever they do!

  3. These are wonderful shots of this black beauty who I believe is smiling at you – perhaps thinking “if that photographer thinks I am sharing any fish I am lucky enough to grab today, he can think again!” P.S. – I really like the blog header shot as well.

  4. A real beauty!
    It was a bad start to yesterday – 7:30am, four dead bears on the bridge to Hitacu, mother and three cubs. Hit and run, happened maybe thirty minutes earlier, construction crew set up flashing lights and pylons to slow down any traffic passing and wait for clean up. Couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and that the driver wasn’t there to explain themselves…
    So sad.

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