Most of you are already know, the entire west coast has taken up a bad habit…..smoking!

California,Oregon and Washington State all have major fires burning right now. The smoke from a forest fire once in the Jet stream can travel for thousands of miles! The smoke is composed of tiny pieces of ash. The thickness of a smoke layer varies. Basically the thicker the cloud, the less light will get through. Until its so thick that the sun is totally blocked.

Another thing that happens with forest fire smoke are surreal sunsets! The sun goes to a deep orange, than to a orangey red, than to a reddish pink and finally to a neon pink. The contrast is very muted because of the low light conditions. Exposures can be tricky.

68 thoughts on “PRETTY IN PINK

      1. If I could some how bring the population down to just one billion,It wouldn’t matter….in a hundred years or so it would be right back up to 8 billion….than 10,12,15……
        We can’t do a dam thing about it either.

      2. Yes we can’t do a damn thing because nothing is in our hands. His world, his creation we are in him and he knows what he is doing. That is all though I feel very very sad at we have not learnt any lesson but trying to destroy our earth through selfishness.

    1. thank you Aiva! Yes,fire has always been alarming and it’s always been here. So It is a very natural event. We as a species have tried to suppress fires which turns out to be the wrong thing to do. Fuel builds up on the forest floor and all it takes is a lightening strike to ignite!
      In the past a fire would come through and basically clean everything up. The soil becomes rich in nutrients and life renews!
      We have interrupted that cycle and so reap the winds of misfortune.

  1. Exposure is definitely tricky but looks like you nailed it to me! I’ve tried to take a couple smoky sunset pics myself but they didn’t turn out nearly this gorgeous. Glad to find some beauty in such a terrible situation :(

    1. I always expose for the light,not the subject. Which in my case almost guarantees my subjects are silhouettes!
      Plus the cloud layer cannot be too thick and I prefer the layer to be offshore. The cloud structure can be seen by the setting sun backlighting it.

  2. It does make for some pretty skies but the birds , animals and people are suffering. A jet stream is carrying it right across the country. Your photos are beautiful! Does the smoke seem to bother your feathered friends? Somewhere in the east conservationists are finding migrating birds that are dying from the smoke.

    1. to be honest Jane I wouldn’t be able to tell If the smoke bothers them Jane?
      I find that declaration made by conservationists back east suspicious however? The birds here are closer to thicker smoke and are not dying?
      So I haven’t a clue what they are talking about? Do you have a link and thank you as always for your flattering comments!

  3. Wow – these are better than moon shots with that pinky glow going on. Amazingly, now that the smokey air has traveled clear across the U.S., it has now gone over the Atlantic and into Europe. I’m glad you used the shot with the boat as your blog header image … the boat looks so big and your eagle doesn’t even seem to notice it and I like that pink ray as well.

  4. Hi, Wayne,

    Would you believe that we here in NL are being affected by the smoke? And the sunset this evening looks a lot like yours. If you go to Here and Now CBC and check the weather, you’ll see a shot of the sun. Scary stuff. I didn’t expect the smoke to reach us for God sakes.


    1. Hello Angie – I have heard about the smoke being traced to Europe!. Be thankful that your not close to it as the smoke is much thicker!
      I think this must be God joking around and making us think we’re in HELL!
      The trifecta Trump,the Virus and forest fires from hell!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! That means your smoke layer is too thick. To get shots like this the layer needs to be more on the thin side so it’s translucent.
      When the fires begin to die down the layer might thin out?

  5. Gorgeous photos Wayne, I am wondering if the smoke is reaching here in the mid west. The last couple of days have had the same appearance of not clear visibility and I noticed the sun looked like that here yesterday.

      1. I will, I went out this morning to maybe see the sun again, but there were to many clouds even though the weather calls for clear sky’s.

  6. Living in Calif. and trapped indoors for the past month, the colors you captured here do a good job of demonstrating our west coast fire-storm skies. Great description of the smoke and air, Wayne.

    1. The sun releases radiation on many wavelengths. We get burned by that radiation If we stay out too long in the sun. Our species and all others have adapted to this radiation.
      By putting tiny ash particles in the atmosphere it begins to block the weaker (shorter ) wavelengths. The big powerful (longer) wavelengths red,orange and Yellow (ROY) can cut through the mirk. So we see dramatic sunsets.
      Fire is terrifying true! It has been around for billions of years and will continue to do so I suspect.

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