This yearling was swimming when I came upon it. It climbed out of the water,shook vigorously like a dog and stared at me.

Bears are very good swimmers. They swim from island to island foraging. Actually just about every animal out there is a great swimmer and island hops as well.

When Bears get mange,they often times go into the ocean. The salt helps kill the parasites.

67 thoughts on “WET AND WILD

  1. Bears have always been a favourite but see them rarely. Great photos , and I enjoyed the narrative as well; felt relaxed like it would in a personal tour. Thank you

    1. Cubs/yearlings do have that cute factor on overload!
      The salmon run will begin in a few weeks. I hope to get a shot of a cub with a big salmon in it’s mouth! Always wanted to get a shot of that!

  2. One time when we were staying in Vernon, we saw a bear swimming across the lake. I was so scared he’d get halfway and not have the strength to continue, but he made it- ambled out the other side, gave a shake and wandered off. I was stunned!

    1. Yes,bears can swim great distances when required Jacquie! From time to time a Grizzly will swim from the mainland to the island! Where they are usually greeted by a Redneck with a shotgun!
      Great to hear from you and hope your doing well!

    1. It’s amazing how they all seem to come with hardwired knowledge! They know to eat this root when constipated or lick that clay for the minerals and salt!
      Yes,that cleared spot on the rear looks like a swipe from another bear. That’s where you find scaring mostly. They either run away and get swiped in the hindquarters or they stand and fight and get a swipe across the face!

      1. I had to look him up. What a terrible life that poor Orca had, bullied by other whales and forced to do tricks for stupid people…no wonder he killed three people (not all at the same time) when he got the chance.

      2. yep,I think any animal (including humans) would break sooner or later and either harm themselves or others!
        The drunk guy who jumped the fences got the worse I suspect. He had his genitals bitten off.

  3. Perhaps this youngster was thinking a nice after-swim treat was in order and you could help. I like the fur sticking up every which way, but still managing to look very cute.

      1. So you will have to find a way to identify him or her when she is not in the water. This is so exciting, I hope this one stays in your area so we can watch it grow up.

  4. Oh wow that’s an exciting thing to see. Bath time for Bear. The 3rd photo showing his face framed by wet fur is my favorite of this series. Best, Babsje

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