8 thoughts on “SUNSET LIFTOFF

  1. That’s more than just getting your toes, er … talons wet. That was quite the splash and with the sun sinking fast in the background. Very nice. Are you getting lots of wildfire smoke in your area Wayne? Last year, or year before, you said you had some unique pink colors in the sky. We are going to have smoky skies and smoky-smelling rain this week as we’re humid with high temps. I have never heard of smoky-smelling rain, but the meteorologist did a story at this link if you want to read it … the smoky atmosphere will bring the originally predicted 90F down a few degrees. Which is the worse of two evils: high temps or smoky atmosphere. We’re all masked up anyway.

    1. Our air flow generally comes down from the north. So any forest fires north of us we will feel some effects. The only ones that are on the island are at the south end. So we have not had any smoke here this year….yet?

      1. That’s good then – no choking air for you, but no extra colorful sunsets either. I figured you might have it bad there given the magnitude of these fires due to the lightning strikes which the weather folks are saying is the worst ever.

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