41 thoughts on “SITTING PRETTY

  1. I have learned that through the years from Harry the Heron’s antics. Interestingly, this heron’s relaxed attitude has him looking like he is stargazing. You caught him at a good moment – no angst from humans.

      1. You’re welcome. I enjoy learning those body-language signs. I’m sure you can read your Eagles and Bears and predict or anticipate. 😊

      2. Agreed. It is one of those things that I like to teach others when I see them pestering wildlife at the lake here. If people can read the animals they know when to back off without scaring off the bird and then everybody can be happy.

      3. Use a dog as a known example. They most likely have been bitten by one. They know not to approach a dog who’s tail is not wagging and pulled between it’s legs! Each animal has body language but If you’ve never been around that animal you will not know what to look for! Everyone knows about dogs so it’s a good example to use to explain.

      4. That’s an excellent example to use: dogs. It would work with cat owners, too. You make it something they can relate to.

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