12 thoughts on “ECLIPSING

    1. reminds me of when I was a child and I’d get a loose tooth. My mother would say “let me have a look at it”…which we kids all knew was code for “let me pull it”!
      I know there is a Tooth Fairy……..I wonder if there’s a Feather Fairy?

    1. during this molting time I find them lethargic.
      The eaglets should be fully fledged by now and mum and dad are getting ready to fly to their favorite salmon spawning stream for a months vacation!

      1. when I think about it,……..the only animals that do eat salmon would be bear,wolf and cougar. I define that by the animal going into the water and capturing. Many other smaller animals eat the left overs on land.

      2. You have said in past blog posts that during salmon spawning time bears take their catch into the woods to eat/share with cubs and what they can’t finish returns to the earth as fertilizer. Maybe the land predators like wolves and cougars seize that opportunity to devour leftovers. You showed us your trail cameras facing the water last year – maybe you can face one towards the woods too?

      3. Yes, that’s true – the salmon are big, but not like a big prey that you could use the trail camera to follow other critters coming to feed on it. I thought perhaps they just disappeared into the fringe of the wooded area, anxious to eat their salmon.

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