46 thoughts on “EAGLE EYE

    1. Ya,I’m sure GP! After eating they always wipe their beak on the some moss or tree branch. Looks like wherever he wiped his beak there were some Hemlock needles on it.
      Like your CDN blogging accent GP!

    1. He’s always such a joy to visit Kamal!
      I can only take these on calm days. The boat is moving fast,I let go of the engine handle and stand up. I wear a kill switch so If I fall out the engine will stop. Tricky getting these shots!

      1. I got a little taste of it the last time we were out in the canoe on Reelfoot Lake. Toward the end of the day, several eagles came flying down the channel we were on, heading for their nightly resting spot. You could see them coming from a distance, and several flew right over the canoe. It was an awesome experience. Unfortunately, I don’t have the photographic skill to capture them as you do, but it was fun trying. :)

      2. Good for you Rebecca! Now you know what It feels like! You could probably hear the wings I bet! You must be tickled! They are a force of nature! You must have some eagle spirit in you for them not to divert around you. They are very sensitive to a persons energy.

  1. Amazing how close the Daredevil is – up close and personal. My initial look at that beak was thinking that along with the molting process, there was some sloughing going on with the beak as well. Birds often dry their beaks off after drinking – on the grass if its nearby. I’d see Buddy drink, then always dry his beak, one side at a time, on his perch.

      1. Yes, I still miss him Wayne and Sugar before him. Your fine feathered friend would not be happy you took that shot – he’d feel he lost his credibility. :)

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