I took this lame shot of my younger sister Marianne back in 74? I always called her “Boo”. I took this when I was just beginning to take pictures. We had a trampoline in the backyard so I got her to jump on and pose.

I got bad news early this morning that she had died. It was expected. She had cancer in multiple areas. She was in the Hospice in Huntsville. A small town in northern Ontario. She was seven years younger than me.

Take flight Boo and soar!

100 thoughts on “MY SISTER MARIANNE

  1. I’m sorry to hear about Marianne’s passing Wayne. You were blessed to have her all these years. I never had siblings, so missed that wonderful aspect of family life. Many people complain about their siblings once they get to adulthood and the great memories of growing up together through the years sadly become tarnished. May you cherish those memories and hold photos like this close to your heart in this sad time.

      1. Well, that’s a nice twist on being an only child Wayne. I was raised so strictly that I may have been strong-willed, but my parents were of the mind that children should be seen and not heard. And they were older when I was born – 30 years old, which in those days was considered “old”.

      1. Yes it is Wayne. And now I have reached the age where I am the older generation in my family. The last of my older relatives passed away last week. I remember when I was younger and thought I would never reach that age. And here I am. So I am more aware of how short a time I have left now. But I would not trade this age for anything. Have a good evening Wayne.

      1. I can only imagine… I don’t even want to think about losing my little brother. You must be devastated. Here’s one more *warm hug* xx

  2. I am truly sorry for your loss. Your camera and love of photography have given you a precious gift in this picture. Prayers that pictures such this one will bring a flood of happy memories in the days to come.

      1. You are always welcome dear Wayne and of course once you are out of this pain body then there is nothing but Love and peace. She is in good hands. Stay safe and take care 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Oh Wayne, I am so sorry to hear your sister passed on. I really like this tribute to her, and will think of you with love and warmth in these difficult days ahead.

  4. Wayne -You capture the moments in your pictures and seeing the picture of your sister taken back in 1974 shows you have a gift for that even then, thank you for sharing that special picture with us.
    take care.

  5. So sorry for your loss. There is a beautiful nostalgic feel to that photograph. and I think it’s lovely.

  6. Gosh, Wayne, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. She must have been a great gal and you were a good brother to her. May you remember many wonderful times you shared over the years to comfort you now and in the future. She is now flying on Angels Wings (or maybe an Eagles Wings) . . . Take care, Marilyn F.

  7. Hi, Wayne,

    I am so sorry. It is a lovely photo. I didn’t know her, but when I read your email I shed a few tears. It is always so sad when the end comes even though we know it’s coming.

    I suspect you are feeling very sad right now. Wish there were something I could do. Offering condolences doesn’t seem to be enough.

    She is now pain free. You spent time with her which was all you could do and I suspect you’re glad you did.

    We never know what’s in store for us, do we?

    Take care and know that I’m thinking of you and offering up prayers for you.


  8. Wayne, I am liking this post out of solidarity. My deepest sympathy to you and your family on the loss of your sister. She will get daffodils planted here this fall.

      1. Thank you. It was kind of weird. I had accepted it intellectually a long time before it happened, but emotionally I was nowhere near to ready

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