I was able to get out on a evening shoot tonight. I originally wanted to go looking for bears but it turned out I left too late. I did see a bear on my way out close to town. I normally do not see any bears on Meares island but tonight there was one grazing in the tall grass. It was shallow where it was and the tide was coming up, so I wouldn’t of gotten stuck. Some flat bays empty quickly!

Only time to visit both the Daredevil and Romeo tonight. Juliette did fly over to say hello as well!

18 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

    1. you mean….how are the tourists behaving not thats theres fewer bears Audrey?
      I swear to God there are more tourists this year than any other year I can recall! Everyone has been couped up and wants to get out and away from each other! So they all pack up and come here on mass!
      The cities must be vacant?
      The bears are doing fine in other words Audrey…….but we aren’t.

      1. He knows you so well. What a gift you have. Not to many people experience what you do. I am glad you share it with us. It is amazing.

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