28 thoughts on “SUNSET REST AND FLIGHT

  1. That sky is so pretty with its orangey-pink colors and the sun looks red hot here. Time to fly home before the sun goes completely down. The eagle is bowing its head in the middle photo and in the last photo, an eagle hurries home before nightfall.

      1. I went back and looked at them – the clouds are nice but I like the colors especially with the silhouettes and also that burning ball of fire.

      2. I’d like to take credit for it but Mother Nature might get upset?
        I search for the right place at the right time and when the magic unfolds I’m usually running around in my boat like a chicken with it’s head cut off! I only have but minutes and I’m usually begging Romeo to either come over or stay where he is!

      3. Ha ha – yes, it all has to come together in a manner of minutes once the sun begins sinking fast! You have to hope Romeo is in a good mood that day.

      4. Especially when they take out a drone! That was a win-win for that eagle. That feisty Michigan eagle continued to make the news all day here … better than listening to the national news.

      5. you do understand that the eagle most likely was injured? Hitting those blades could not of been something it could of done and escaped injury. Nobody knows If there was any injury but I can guarantee that there was.

      6. According to reports it wasn’t injured, but like you say, how would they know?? The drone was working at impact, then went to the bottom of the water but the news story I heard on the radio said the guy was monitoring the drone for soil erosion and all of a sudden it didn’t work and that’s what he saw – perhaps he said it wasn’t injured as people would worry about sending drones up with eagles around? Hopefully not seriously … I didn’t know it flew on blades, I assumed it was on a battery of some sort. I saw one at the Park one day but it had crashed on its side and the owner came and got it right away.

      7. Hope not either – I think they gave the name of the equipment didn’t they – hopefully it didn’t injure the eagle. They should have put another drone up there to check if it is okay.

      8. and how would that couple know? They think If it was able to fly it couldn’t be injured. A ankle could of been broken or a talon torn off? The eagle would have to be captured and looked at to know for sure but that ain’t going to happen. That drone is not a toy btw,It’s a professional model.
        Thanks for finding the article Linda!

      9. You’re welcome – well, being birders they knew something more than someone just witnessing a collision in mid-air. I wonder if they watched where it perched or went to its nest with binoculars. I think it was interesting that it took so long to release the story … the eagle versus drone was July 21st! BTW – I heard the border closure is extended another month – it was supposed to expire on August 21st, a week from today.

      10. Just looked at the link – four separate blades … not so good. I watched that video of the drone footage with all the sports activities. Great scenery and wow – their adventures.

      11. That a lot of money – only one left in stock. Wow! It is white, so yes, I see why the eagle could think it was a seagull and why they are going to use a different color going forward.

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