It was good to see my friend again! I missed Romeo! I’ve been back east dealing with a family illness.

I went out hoping to get some moon shots but by the time the moon rose high enough some clouds had moved in to block it. This months moon is called a”Sturgeon” moon.

52 thoughts on “ROMEO’S SUNSET

    1. thank you Robbie! I went back to my hometown to say goodbye to my sister. She has cancer and will pass in the next few weeks. Just heard from my other sister that her dog passed last night. 2020 seems to be the year of the Reaper.

  1. I’ve “liked” for the photo of Romeo with the stunning background, Sorry to hear about the health issues in your family. Looks like you had a great evening on this shoot.

    1. It does look ok but to be honest the sunset was almost snuffed! When I went out the sunset looked like it would be excellent but as the hours passed I could see thick cloud coming in from the west and knew my nice sunset had already set!
      Romeo and the Daredevil both looked a bit tattered.Its molting season right now so their feathers are falling out.

      1. Well at least you got a visit in with your feathered friends and got to see the cute otter. Our geese and ducks are molting right now and they won’t return to our Park until after Labor Day (usually). I saw a hawk overhead at the Park today – guess its flight feathers were not affected by the annual molt. Do eagles lose their flight feather and have to stay up in the nest then? How do they eat and take care of their young then?

      2. I wondered how they managed … have you found any more eagle feathers lately?
        My canaries lost every feather on their bodies during the molting process. – I felt badly for both of them. They’d hop from perch to perch and feathers would be flying and they were listless and lethargic the entire period. They were both males and it took them another month after molting finished to begin singing again and that was not as strong of a song as before. We had a tape recorder and taped their song at its strongest/loudest and would play the tape to encourage singing again. It worked, but it was a slow comeback.

  2. Nice to see you, too, Wayne. Hope all is better with your family. Gorgeous pic of Romeo! I just started a short blogging break. In my last post, I shared a pic of a black bear roaming around the entrance near Sequoia National park. 😁

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