73 thoughts on ““OH MY…………IT’S YOU”!

  1. You better ask for acknowledgements for this, because this adorable fella is gong to be made into memes all over the internet. He really grabs your attention!!

  2. Thats so amazing. Lol Seems has was surprised beeing photografed for the next Vogue, and will become a model soon. ;-) Thank you very much, Wayne. Your experiences are famous and unbelievable. Enjoy the upcoming week, and stay save. Michael

      1. Hello Wayne, i apologize for the late revisit. As always wonderful images. Thank you for sharing these wonderful insights ito real wilderness. Be well and stay save. Michael

    1. thanks Audrey! First time I’ve seen that! Sea Otters are not like River Otters. River Otters hang around the harbour all the time but not Sea Otters. They like it more on the outside.

      1. I heard on the radio that 50 years of restoring sea otters to the coast has been successful and resulted in kelp forests recovering. It doesn’t hurt that the otters are so cute. People want to go and see them.

      2. yes,they eat the Urchins that eat the kelp beds. When their pelts were a hot commodity the Natives would kill them so as to trade with the White fur traders. This created a in-balance! Too many Urchins and so they devoured the kelp beds!
        Not everyone wants them to be reinstated. (some not all) Natives want to kill them to stop them from being put back into the eco-sphere.
        For instance a young Native driving a Native water taxi saw a Sea Otter in the harbour a few years ago. (It was a Otter I called Lilly)
        He was observed by several people at the First street dock to purposely back his boat over Lilly, killing her instantly.
        I heard several elders had a chat with this youth.

    1. He is a cutie pie isn’t he! I have to travel a good distance to see bears. I like to get some shots off before leaving the harbour and my furry friend helped me out in that regard! Sea Otters generally do not hang around in the harbour.

    1. Hello Noel! So good to hear from you! I’m fine thank you for asking! I was looking at some of your recent gastronomic creations and marvelling at how easy you make it look…….and wondering how can I can a slice of each?
      Lots of tourists in town! I wish the Bear watching boats were tied up so I can have them all to myself again.
      How have things been down your way?

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