58 thoughts on “A BUCK MOON

      1. I don’t want to get too chummy with them, but I have a neighbour who puts spare apples out. We have a number of does cruising around too. I saw one with two fawns last week. There are some cottontail bunnies around and the usual raccoons. Lots of wildlife right here in suburbia!

  1. What a gorgeous moon that was, and, no, I did not see it.  I don’t even know if one could because I never looked not knowing about it.  It couldn’t have been visible because a moon that big would be almost impossible to miss.  Our weather was dull most of the day so I suspect the night sky was equally dull.  Too bad, though.  I would have loved  to see it.  And is that not dear Romeo looking very handsome?  Great shot of the lad.  Love your moon shots! 

      1. You or anybody else could take shots like this Anne. Once I showed you you could easily do them. You just have to know where they perch. Eagles have favorite spots to perch. Simply line that spot up with the moon in behind and wait for them to perch.

      1. A Buck moon is only for people with deer around. We have very few deer around. A Thunder moon isn’t very good either because we rarely hear thunder.
        We get fog during the summer,so maybe a Fog moon?

      2. I teach my preschoolers the names of the full moons. Then, I go through the birthdays of every child and their month’s full moon name. They love it! Of course we have plenty of deer and also thunder. 🙂

  2. I did not know about the second name and I was hearing thunder last night as a small storm rolled by. I hardly ever see Bucks. Only doe’s up at the cabin the last few years. Great photos Wayne.

      1. Yes, I imagine. I was at our cabin last week and all the animals seemed to be scarce this year. The raven’s were gone and I did not see one deer while we were there. Last year they were all over the place. Seemed strange.

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